Want to Partner With Us?

Here are three questions to see if you’re the right fit:

  1. Are you committed to operating your business with integrity, and really serving the world?
  2. Do you have an email list of 5,000 people or more?
  3. Is your audience interested in working for themselves and escaping boring jobs?

If you answered yes to all three, then we might be a good fit.

We do one or two webinars a month with the right partners. These partners get a 50% commission of all sales.

Yes, we have a proven conversion rate of 10-20% (once we’ve had a 33% conversion rate) of people that attend our webinars.

Email Jonathan at jonathan@paidtoexist.com and tell us about yourself.

“You guys have done an awesome job with your affiliate program.I’ve been super impressed with how classy and straightforward everything has been.You guys clearly care about the people working with you being successful, you spend real time making that happen and it shows. And having extremely useful and powerful products makes a huge difference too.”
—Scott Dinsmore (made over $9,000 in sales from one webinar with us)