What’s Wrong With Online Marketing (And Why We Must Take a Stand)

What’s Wrong With Online Marketing (And Why We Must Take a Stand)

It’s time someone came out and said what everyone is already thinking.

Something is really wrong with the way business education and marketing works online.

You know the drill…

  • Viewing people as ATMs, not living beings with dreams, hopes, desires and problems.
  • Lots of hype (not so much service).
  • Heavy marketing, disappointing delivery.

The list goes on. And unfortunately, this is the norm.

If you’ve spent any amount of time perusing the business info product world, these qualities are unfortunately all too familiar.

Yes. Something is clearly wrong.

But don’t despair, there is good news.

I, and many others believe this trend is starting to shift. A new guard of leaders and teachers with authenticity and transparency at their core are showing up and making the old operators uncomfortable.

Things are beginning to move in the direction of authenticity, truth and a genuine desire to serve the best interests of all.

Together, we can make it harder and harder for the old way to survive. A smarmy way that’s all about…

  • Fear-driven campaigns that capitalize on the pain of others.
  • Selling as the first priority, and respecting the art of teaching as a bothersome afterthought.
  • Profits over the results of customers they’re serving.
  • False scarcity.
  • Big on the surface, yet shallow on the outside (bait and switch).

But alas, don’t worry, there is hope! If we support the new wave that’s emerging, the old inauthentic business practices of the past will be forced to retire and disappear for good.

Leaders like Danielle, Jadah, Chris, CorbettMike and others are refreshing examples of a new way of doing business with love and integrity.

So in stark contrast to the old world of douchebaggery, the new way is about…

  • Honesty-driven marketing that acknowledges the pain and fear, but moves beyond it into love.
  • Communities demonstrating results that speak for themselves.
  • Case studies and real-world examples, not philosophical what-ifs from those that have never actually done what they’re teaching.
  • Us, us, us vs. me, me, me.
  • Under-promising and over-delivering.
  • Serving everyone’s best interest. The Good of All is the highest priority.
  • Giving courageously and trusting that you’ll receive abundantly in return. Tweet.

At its core, what it comes down to is a fundamental shift in the perspective of marketing.

The old way views marketing as: manipulating people to buy your stuff by any means necessary.

The new ways views marketing as: the simple effective communication of value to those that are in most need of it. Or as my friend Dustin says it best: Giving bravely.

Fear vs. Integrity.

So… why am I saying all of this now? (the BIG news)

Why go on this rant about business info products and marketing online?

Allow me to practice what I’m preaching here. :)

Within the next week, I’m going to be sharing with you a project I’ve been working on with my friend and business partner Dustin Lee for the last six months.

Our aim is to incite a revolution in the way business education and teaching happens online. To our knowledge, no one has done what we’re about to do in this space.

It’s scary as hell, and freaking exciting.

We’ll be sharing case studies from honest business owners and breaking down exactly what they’ve done. We’ve got some rad folks like Corbett Barr, Tyler Tervooren and Steve Kamb lined up. (Don’t worry, we’re working on recruiting the ladies too.)

We’re building this to help more of the good guys win. We want to help the everyday entrepreneurs get their gifts out into the world to make an impact, without being marketing experts.

I’ll be sharing more about what this actually is with you this Thursday after we put together some final touches and force ourselves to stop being OCD. :)

With that said, we believe that the times are a’changin’. Love always wins in the end, isn’t that what they say?

But, what do you think?

Do you think a shift in online marketing is happening right now?

Share your thoughts below and let’s start a new conversation about business with integrity, openness and love.

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