The Number One Reason Bloggers Never Make Money

So, you might be a blogger, or might be thinking about creating a blog. Maybe you want to make a living online following your passion. Fantastic.

But the sad truth is, most bloggers never make the money they really want to online (even though this mistake is easy to avoid, and I’ll teach you what to do instead in a moment). Most people start out with good intentions, but they get one thing very wrong from the beginning.

They assume if that they just build a blog and get a lot of readers, that those readers will want to buy things from them.

It seems like it would make sense, right? After all, you can’t have people buy stuff from you without first having people to  market to. So, a lot of bloggers work on the people part before they work on the selling part. And this is where things go wrong.

  • When you assume people will buy, they hardly ever do.
  • When you assume that because people are showing up, it means they want to give you money, you’re setting yourself up for failure.
  • When you create products without engaging with your audience, you’re shooting in the dark.
  • When you don’t ask people what they want, you’ll likely never give it to them.

The passion-work myth, or We don’t live in a vacuum

Most people start out doing stuff they don’t like, then realize they’re not satisfied and go full on toward following their passion. They go from being totally selfless (sacrificing themselves to serve others), to being totally selfish (following their passion without considering others).

This transition is important, because we need to become more selfish and consider our own hearts and what make us come alive. But when we go too far in this direction, we neglect a simple fact about the universe we live in:

Everything is interdependent.

Everything is a give and take. So in order to really be successful, you have to align your passion with what other people want. We don’t live in a vacuum.

  • It’s as much about community as it is about your gifts.
  • It’s as much about serving others as it is about following your own heart.
  • It’s as much about collective growth as it is about personal development.
  • It’s about your greatest gifts and the world’s deepest needs.

When we align these two things — service and passion — we can start from a place where we set ourselves up for success.

And that’s where we can go back and realign our offerings from the very beginning. Instead of blindly creating a blog and trying to gain readers and comments, we can put service first. When do that, we can get direct feedback of whether or not it’s something that people want.

So rather than just creating a list or gaining subscribers and then hoping they want something when you create it, you can actually ask them for what they want and then create it.

When you make it clear from the very beginning that you have something to offer and that you want to get paid for it, you set up the right expectations with your readers. They don’t feel violated when six months after you start your blog you randomly come out with a product. When your intentions are clear from the beginning, everyone knows where things stand. That way you can feel confident with anything you create and anything you offer. I know so many bloggers that are not confident in selling products or making offers on their blogs because they started out building an audience, and then trying to figure out how to make money later.

Don’t do that. Figure out how you’re going to make money, then build a blog around it.

This is just one of the important things I teach in my course Paid to Exist. I’m passionate about helping other people build businesses online doing what they love while serving others. So, I’m setting up the expectation with you first, I have something to offer — Paid to Exist: an eight week course to creating an income from your passion.

Now I’d like to ask you, is this something that might help you?

If it will help you, I’d love to have you in the program. If it’s not for you, please don’t buy it.

Well, that was easy, wasn’t it?

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