New Illuminated Mind Headquarters + I Need Your Help (again)

We are done moving. Hallelujah.

Last weekend, my wife and I finished getting everything set up in our new apartment (which is kind of like a house, because we have a backyard and a private garage). I’ve now gotten the Illuminated Mind Official Headquarters set up, and it feels really awesome to have an official base-camp for this place. I feel so honored to be able to do this stuff for a living, and things just keep expanding and reaching new levels of awesomeness.

In case you’re wondering, before I was working out of a small desk in our bedroom (mostly during coaching calls), our living room, and various neighborhood cafes. While that was cool for a while, I’m grateful that I now have a “cave” that’s 100% dedicated to the growth and expansion of Illuminated Mind.

Everything is mostly set up, though I’m still looking for a comfortable chair (to play guitar and djembe in while brainstorming), and some awesome artwork for the walls. If you have any suggestions for unique prints or artwork, I would love if you could leave a comment and let me know.

Here’s the new (unfinished) headquarters:

Speaking of expansion, last week I sent out a survey to see what free guide I can create for you to help you further on your path to doing more of what matters to you.

While I got more responses than I knew what to do with (a few hundred responses in a few hours), here are a couple of my favorites:

“Desired outcome = not having the need to have an outcome.” — I really resonate with this, because this is my main goal: to have the perfect path, not the perfect destination.

“You help me give myself permission to have a not too full life.” — It’s hard to think that doing more equals living better. But the opposite is usually the case.

“Don’t record videos of yourself when it looks like you just woke up.” — Ouch.

Now I need your help with one more thing

So, a lot of people told me what they most wanted help with, and what their biggest needs were. And it seems like there are more than one. About five, in fact.

While I would love to create all of these things, I’m only one person, so I’ll need to stick to making just one amazing thing for now.

You helped me come up with these prospective guides, so now I need your vote. Which thing would you most like for me to create?

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Glen Stansberry

Congrats on the new HQ! Looks like you’ve got plenty of comfortable space to do whatever strikes your fancy.

Here’s to more awesomeness from Mr. Mead! :)

James Schipper

Looks like a great space to get work on yourself done. Funny when I saw the screen capture of the video, I couldn’t help but laugh at your color choice. Only because of our meditation / relaxation room seen here in this picture I just took after watching your video. :-)

Look forward to the results on the next product.


For great pics, check out this guy. Baroque robots, writing piglets, flower houses and lots more fun :-)


Etsy shop:

John Soares

Jonathan, I’m glad you have new digs with your own office.

I’ve been a self-employed freelance writer since 1994, and most of that time I’ve had a separate room for a home office. I think you’ll find your productivity and happiness will improve.

Jean Sarauer

Nice space!

And no fair on coming up with all those awesome titles for potential guides and then just letting me pick one :) I did just pick one, but I really do want them all. Greedy, I know!

Courtney Carver


If simple colorful limited edition photography (with a cause!) suites your new space, check out my fine art photography here: and here:

Good luck with the decorating!


Thanks for sharing your new office space with us. Particularly for me, it gives me visualization ideas for how I’ll set up my office when I am able to reclaim my own time =)

Love your dog, btw *waves to Sophie*


What a fantastic problem to have! Too many products people are dying for you to create that you need help picking which one first! :) Congratulations.

The space is wonderful too,

Eleanor Traubman

Hi Jonathan –

Congrats on settling into your new digs!

You had asked about ideas for prints. My husband, Mike Sorgatz, is a wonderful painter and can make prints of any of his paintings, too. You can find his artwork at


You might try wonderfull paintings from Thomas Brissot (you’ll find him on facebook) he is selling his work at workshop prices…
He is very inspired and inspiring!

Jens P. Berget

Your office looks awesome and it seems to be a lot bigger than mine. I’ve just got a big desk and a comfortable chair, that’s it. Well, other than the book shelves.

I’ve been searching for my passion, and a way to work / earn money from it, so that’s what I voted for.

Jonathan Nasman
Jonathan Nasman

Congratulations on your new office! It looks great! In response to your request for artwork, I’m wondering if you would like to bring some nature into your space, perhaps a nice bonsai tree in a Zen setting or one of those Zen type miniature water gardens. I love the serenity of trees and water. Good luck on finishing your office!

Joshua Black | Underdog Millionaire

I really appreciate how stark your new office is. Very zen space for creating lots of good content.

My office is a pit/library/research room/man cave. Can’t wait to see what you churn out from in there. I like your goals above the esk as well.

-Joshua Black
The Underdog Millionaire

Jerry Kolber

Hey dude. Rock out with the Life Cave. Illumination from the cave, hmmm that rings a bell ;)

For art, I’m a big fan of my Dad’s photos. OK so I’m biased but the dude is published and seriously takes a mean picture, if you like anything you see here let me know and I will send it to you framed as a housewarming present.

Congratulations to you both!


Congratulations on the new look!

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