I Need Your Help, New Header for Illuminated Mind

I Need Your Help, New Header for Illuminated Mind

It’s time that we got a new look around here. The emblem / stamp here has been a bit… lackluster, and we’ve got to change that.

I commissioned JD Bentley to help me design a new header. If you’re looking for an awesome header design, or custom WordPress design (he specializes in Headway which is a plus), then you probably want to look up JD. He’s in high demand, so you may want to book him while he has spots available.

Instead of making the call, I decided to have you guys vote on the final one. After all, this is your community.

Here are the candidates!

Header A

Header B

Header C

How to help:

Please leave a comment below and let me know which you like best: A, B, or C.

I really appreciate your help with this. I feel like they’re all so beautiful. I can’t decide. :)

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