My Great-Grandfather Would Disown Me For This

I just recently got back from a trip to Santa Barbara at an event that changed my life, and caused me to rethink the way I view everything about Paid to Exist.

There were some great speakers, including Eben Pagan, Marie Forleo and Les McKeown (who was by far my favorite — it’s hard not to love a funny Irish guy).

The talks were good, fantastic even. But there’s one thing I completely didn’t expect to get out of this experience. I guess it was mostly because I was completely thrown off guard.

I was expecting to have some great times connecting with fellow world changers, and especially getting some great time to bond with Dustin, our lead “think bigger” officer here at Paid to Exist. All of that happened, of course. And the people blew me away. It made me realize just how valuable connecting with people in person is.

I was filled with a warm, loving energy that I can only really describe as unconditional love. It was incredible, and I’m still feeling the effects of that love emanating throughout my days, even though it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been back.

But one thing completely blindsided me.

I didn’t think my purpose with Paid to Exist and my work could possibly get any deeper. I didn’t think my dedication to that purpose could grow any greater. I especially didn’t think I could think any bigger about it than I already have.

But that’s all changed.

On the last night of the conference, as I was staring up at a breathtaking starry California sky, I was overcome with emotion and what I can only refer to as a Divine Download of Insight.

I didn’t even realize that I had already described this newfound mission to one of the attendees at the event earlier that evening.

And then it hit me:

Our mission is to completely and radically change the landscape of work in the world. Prefabricated careers and factory-like jobs are a 20th century invention. It’s our deepest goal to make a world where work and contribution is the greatest expression of joy and service. And it’s our mission to make this the default paradigm, rather than a world where work is synonymous with toil, struggle and a means to an end.

My great-grandfather would disown me for even thinking this way, because it’s been passed down from generation to generation to work hard, keep your head down and work to live.

So, I’ll be brutally honest with you right now…

This new mission absolutely scares the shit out of me.

It’s so big that I don’t know if I’ll accomplish this in my lifetime. I may die before this vision is realized.

But nonetheless, this is my absolute purpose, and the deepest purpose behind Paid to Exist. And in order to see this vision through, we have to do something radical. We have to create a transformational agent to ensure that this end is inevitable.

An undertaking of this kind has been sorely missing.

For a long time I’ve seen a major gap in this “do what you love” space. And it’s keeping a lot of people trapped in work they they either wake up completely dreading, or find absolutely zero meaning it.

It keeps people seeking freedom “someday” (a day that never arrives), rather than Right Now.

So, I’m considering finally creating this, and doing what is being demanded of me, by my community and by the Universe.

I’ve hesitated doing something like this, because it will mean that we may get a lot of flack.

But that’s okay by me.

I’d rather do something that matters, then do nothing and remain in the approval of the society’s consensus.

I firmly believe the birth of this project could completely transform the paradigm of work in the world…

…And I’ll tell you exactly what that is in the next post.


PS: Have you ever been called or felt a deep pull to do something you were afraid of?

I’d be honored if you shared your story with me in the comments below, it will certainly make me feel less alone.

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