My best-selling product for $1 (and why I’m killing it)

Below you’ll find out how to get my best selling course Paid to Exist at 99.59% off.

If you’ve been wanting to get paid to be who you are… read on. This might be the right opportunity for you.

Why am I doing this sale?

Once in a while you create something and then a bigger idea comes along and swallows it whole. When I created Paid to Exist I really felt like that was it. Then something bigger entered the scene, and eclipsed what I was previously doing.

And because of that, it’s time to put Paid to Exist to rest.

But… before I do that, I’ll offer it up one final time to anyone wanting to get paid to do what they love. If you want to get paid to be who you are (instead of renting out your mind and time to someone else), Paid to Exist will help you create your own freedom.

Reason #2: I’m also doing this because it’s fun. Even people that aren’t interested in the sale should have a fun time watching how it unfolds.

What you get with Paid to Exist

  1. Weekly video training modules that guide you step-by-step through the most important actions to getting paid to be you
  2. Downloadable workbooks that help you implement to get fast results
  3. Actionable assignments that keep you on track and staying focused
  4. Special peeks inside my business to see how I’ve done things to make six figures a year, and build a blog of over 15,000 subscribers.
  5. Bonus: half of Tyler’s Geurilla Influence Formula guide.

Here’s how this slightly crazy deal works:

Because this is a last hurrah, I’m going to offer a deal that some may think crazy. The original ticket price is $249, but for the next 48 hours, it will be available starting at $1. Since this is the last hurrah, we’re going to do something to make things more interesting.

We’ll call this Pay What You Can Roulette.

The first person to buy Paid to Exist, will get it for $1. The next, $2, and $3, and so on, all the way up to $97. I could very well do this all the way up to the original price of $249, but I still wanted the last people to buy to get a considerable discount (over 60% as it stands).

Ready? Click the link below.

Fast action is the name of the game here, so if you want to get an incredibly great deal, go over to the sales page to see what order you’re in and what deal you can snag:

>> Paid to Exist Final Act Sale

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