Never Leave Motivation to Chance: Three Mantras For Unlimited Inspiration

You can’t leave your motivation to chance. Ever.Stocksy_txpa082fdd5Cvs000_Small_761332

You can’t wake up and hope that today, you’ll be inspired. Anything work creating or achieving requires dedicated, consistent progress even when you don’t feel like it.

If you want to wake up and get paid to do what you love, you must become a force of unstoppable action in the face of unpredictable obstacles.

To do that, you have to become the source of motivation. You yourself must be so large that you make all circumstances irrelevant.

Personally, I never leave my motivation or inspiration to chance. I make it a part of my ritual and habits to feed myself inspiration every day. These nutrients are essential for my visions and goals to be properly nourished. Without them, they cannot grow.

My Mantras for Unstoppable Motivation

There are three mantras that have made the most difference for me in creating unstoppable motivation.

In this video, I share exactly what they are and why they’re important:

1. I am larger than my circumstances

Look, your circumstances are never going to be ideal. You might not feel like doing anything. Maybe you experienced a major setback in your life, you lost your job, or your responsibilities feel overwhelming.

Whatever it is, you must be bigger than them. You must be more resourceful, more capable than anything life throws at you.

Know this: the person with the most heart will outperform 9 times out of 10 the person with more skill and resources.

2. I’ll figure it out

You must banish “I don’t know” from your vocabulary. This is the dream-killer, the productivity-killer. It’s the bane of all progress and momentum.

The more you allow not knowing to keep you from taking action, the weaker you become.

Remaining in a state of indecision is the surest way to never create momentum, ever. No momentum, and you will never get your goal, business, or adventure off the ground.

Start taking on the mindset of whatever is happening, I’ll figure it out. Just start making shit up, and you will be surprised at how much more capable you are than you imagined.

3. My pStocksy_txpa082fdd5Cvs000_Small_468434ower is in my purpose

This seems to contradict the first statement, because now we’re saying that the real power is within something bigger than you.

But it can never be just about you. If it is, you’ll eventually burn out or get bored.

Your power, your motivation must be rooted in something larger, something that inspires you indefinitely. Ideally you should find or create a purpose so consuming that you can never complete it before your death. Now that is the kind of motivation that will make you jump out of bed in the morning.

Whenever you feel discouraged or unmotivated, go back to your purpose. Remember why you’re doing this. Remember that you are being fueled and supported by something bigger than just you.

Putting them all together

I recommend putting these three mantras up on your wall. They are reminders that I find myself constantly going back to, whenever I need to remember how blessed I am to get to pursue my dreams.

And that’s the most important point: we get to do this.

It’s all a choice. You can do it your own way.

But if you want to have a shot at making your dreams materialize in the world, you must be consistent. And you must never leave your motivation to chance.

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