Money = Freedom?

Money = Freedom?

Editors Note: This is a guest post from Esme Gosling of; Money Love, Money Smarts

I started to write a post about how money doesn’t matter, that we’re all free, and, therefore, money does not equal freedom. (To see my original post, click here .)

Screw that.

Freedom is about the money. You know the question: “What would you do if money were no object?” If you wouldn’t change a single thing in your life, you wouldn’t be here reading this post. Of course, money makes all of the difference: you’d get a different job or maybe no job; you’d pursue hobbies or volunteer; you would set the world on fire.

You know what you would do, don’t you? Something sprang to mind immediately, didn’t it? Something that can feel inside, and sometimes the pain of not doing it overwhelms you. Whatever your “it” is, that’s why you are here, you want more than anything to make that real.

But you don’t know how to do that without the money. You need the money first before you can pursue the other. Because that’s how it works in the real world, isn’t it? We don’t follow our dreams, we pay our bills; we do the responsible thing.

I might contradict myself here, but I call BS. That’s just a big, hairy excuse disguised as a socially acceptable cop out. Claiming money issues is just a way of hiding behind our fears.

What if your dream is to become a pilot but you can’t distinguish between your girlfriend and your mom at ten paces? You’ll get eye surgery without a second thought (your girlfriend will thank you too). What if you need to lose weight to get your blood pressure down? Call Weight Watchers. Even if you want to have children but you haven’t met anyone? Easy, peasy: sperm donor. There is absolutely nothing is impossible these days. (Yes, the caveat being nothing apart from what ten year old boys can imagine!)

We seem to have a different perspective when it comes to money. What if your dream is to go back to school to get a degree in parapsychology, your dream since childhood, but have no money? Oh, well, working as a parking attendant really isn’t that bad, and I get to read a lot on the job. What if you want to travel around the world in a sailboat but haven’t saved up three months worth of living expenses? Well, maybe one day…in the meantime, I’ll just watch America’s Cup on TV. You’re thinking about starting up your own business but haven’t had any luck with capital? The bank is probably right: these are tough times to start something up.

What is wrong with this mentality? Why is it that as soon as money is mentioned, people lose their fight? Because it’s not about the money; it’s about the fear. It’s about the fear because these are big dreams, huge dreams, dreams that matter so much that you don’t want them to fail. And you can’t fail if you don’t start. Voila: by listening to your money woes, you will never fail.

If you are waiting for the money first, you will be waiting a long time. If you have a dream, a passion, a calling, and you are not acting on it, you will never be successful at what you are currently doing because your heart isn’t in it. It can’t be. How does it make sense to make more money doing what you are doing now (but hating), so that one day you will be able to do what you love? That’s about as sensible as dieting for months so that you can pig out on your Mexican cruise (oh, wait, people do that…) or waiting until you are 65 to start living your life (hmm, ditto that). Enough already! It’s time to put your fears aside and do what you need to do, money be damned.

And, yes, I can say that but not because I don’t live in the real world and have an Internet provider who likes to be paid every month. Right now, I am sitting at home, writing this as my daughter has her afternoon nap, knowing that I will be here when she gets up and then I will switch back into mummy mode. I used to work as an accounting clerk, maybe like some of you, and it was killing me. I don’t even have a background in accounting, so not only did I hate the work, but I felt like a fraud at the same time. (Long story…) How bad is that? I left my job when I took maternity leave and knew that I would never go back. I didn’t know how, I just knew that I was tired of living in fear. I followed my passion and trained to become a life coach (helping people with their money issues, of course!) and don’t regret the choice I made. If anything, I wonder why I took so long. I did this all as a single mum with three kids and no financial backup plan. So don’t tell me that your money excuse is valid and mine wasn’t. I know what it’s like to taste the fear. And to choose to be free anyway.


What does freedom look like to you? What money excuse is standing in your way? And what are you going to do about it?

About the Author: Esme Gosling is a no-nonsense Money Coach who believes in helping others deal with their money issues so that they can kick butt and achieve awesome. To get real about your money issues, sign up for a free coaching session at

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