Meaningless Dreams

Meaningless Dreams

Dreams that involve helping others and changing the world are considered valid and honorable. These are the admirable, socially approved dreams.

But what about dreams that are meaningless to others? What if your dream is to climb every mountain in the world? Or what if you just want to jump off things?

We give up on a lot of dreams because they don’t “have a point” or aren’t contributing to society. So many of us try to determine if we’ll do something by whether or not it serves others. We get caught up in fake growth.

But what if your dream serves no one but yourself? Does that make it any less valid?

One of my dreams is to do a one-arm pullup. There’s really no “point” to it at all. It doesn’t accomplish anything. It’s not practical. And it certainly doesn’t help anyone. But that’s not stopping me. I think it’s cool, and that’s enough for me.

Our dreams don’t have to have a purpose. They don’t have to inspire anyone, or make any difference at all in the world. If you’re enjoying them, that’s enough. If it excites you, that’s enough. If you’re doing a lot of things that don’t excite you because they’re “practical,” well, that serves no one.

The world needs more people that are doing what they want to do. I suggest sorting that part out first, then figuring out how you’ll make a contribution. You can often do both at the same time. But it’s okay too if you do some things that have no purpose, and other things that help others.

But please, don’t just do things things you hate because they’re practical or utilitarian. I don’t think it serves anyone if you force yourself to be selfless in a way that’s not authentic. That’s self-deprecation, not service.

Give yourself permission to do what you want, even if there’s no purpose whatsoever.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because I want you to focus on action, not sitting here staring in front of the screen.

Before I let you go, I want to know… what’s a “purposeless” dream you have that just serves you? Please share in the comments.

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