Love and Business; 10 Reasons I Adore Working With My Wife

Today is mine and  Ev’Yan‘s fourth anniversary, and it’s got me thinking a lot about love and business.

A lot of people don’t tie these two things together, but over the last two years of running my business with my wife, I’ve been wondering how things would be different if I didn’t.

I can’t imagine what operating Illuminated Mind would be like if it wasn’t completely and utterly injected with love, and given everything I have to give. The reason I’m able to give myself completely to this pursuit is because of the support of my wife, her devotion and inspiration.

On this blog I talk a lot about how balance is overrated and why you should decompartmentalize your life. For the past 2 + years I have been living that philosophy with Illuminated Mind. My wife is deeply involved in the nuts and bolts and sweat and tears of this business. For most people, that would be something taboo. Like oil and water, they want to keep their work and life as separate as possible; business and pleasure undeniably distinguishable. Fuck that.

I’m deeply grateful to have love and business be totally indiscernable.

As a celebration and acknowledgment of that, these are the reasons I love working with my wife:

  1. She inspires me to be more bold and ruthlessly authentic on this blog and in life.
  2. She keeps this place from falling apart (and me looking like a total dumbass).
  3. She pushes me to be a better, more eloquent writer (she is an incredibly beautiful writer herself, and the reason I started writing in the first place).
  4. Her vegan chocolate chip cookies after a long day are life changing.
  5. She’s an incredible editor, even though I hate how much she bitches at me for my (blundering) use of commas.
  6. She gives me permission to be lazy when I’m feeling uninspired.
  7. She’s the most beautiful business partner to wake up to in the morning. :)
  8. She balances the checkbook (enough said).
  9. She is my best friend; there is no one I would rather hang out with more.
  10. She helps me embrace the gifts that I have to offer the world, and gives me the courage to release them. She is unwaveringly supportive in everything I do.

While I could easily list more, these are the biggest reasons I love working with my wife. I regularly tell people that I wake up excited about the work that I get to do, and Ev’Yan has a lot to do with that.

All right, Ev’Yan and I are off to sip wine (root beer for her) and have a relaxing day together. If you ever get a chance to work with your partner, I highly recommend it.

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