Inside the Mind of Someone About to Launch

Tomorrow at 1pm Pacific I’m going to be launching a crowdfunding campaign for a project I’ve worked on for the last six months. **** Update: We launched! Click here to support the creation of Playbook and get some sweet rewards. ****

People are pretty excited.

As for me… I’m scared, nervous, exhilarated and at the same time, so freaking ready.

But despite launching many projects, courses, and offerings, I’m still scared. That voice of doubt still manages to creep in.

So I thought I’d share with you an honest video about what goes on inside the mind of someone on the verge of sharing, birthing, releasing.

Whether you join me in celebrating the release of Playbook tomorrow or not, thank you for being a part of my journey.

Now… what are you excited about? Leave me a comment and spill your guts.

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Thank you so much for your transparency, Jonathan! I can so relate to everything you said. I just love that you’re putting it out there in spite how scary it is and how vulnerable it makes you feel. I’m doing a happy dance for you right now. I’ll definitely be pitching in tomorrow. Thank you for words that will stick with me long after today and happy receiving!


Love the lion tank top! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your insecurities. Makes me feel less alone. :) I know this is going to be amazing. I’m not able to attend the release, but I’ll be thinking of you and can’t wait to see what you’ve put together!

jennifer blanchard
Hi Jonathan! I can’t wait for the release of Playbook tomorrow!! I have funds already set aside to donate toward making this project a reality. As for what I’m super excited about right now, it would be two things… 1. I’m so psyched about my new book that’s coming out at the end of September… and 2. I’m sooooo excited (and sooo grateful) for the business and career I have, thanks to you, your team and Trailblazer. It really got me a on the path to having this business I have today. It’s been a crazy amazing insane fucking nuts… Read more »
Jesicka Labud
Jonathan, thank you. This video is beautiful to watch…your honesty and vulnerability shines with authenticity. I am so glad you created this video to let us know where you’re really coming from with this awesome project Playbook… and it makes me happy to be part of your tribe. You’re right. Patterns are so difficult to break free from. I love your insight about the difference between giving, and receiving (which is probably harder!) I love how you said learning how to receive could be the greatest gift you could give someone. “Give yourself permission to be vulnerable.” -This is such… Read more »
Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

Hi Jonathan,
That was awesome! And, being isolated in a pretty small town keeps me from finding out that others…even people like you who have done this before, has doubts and fears and worries about sharing their art. I’m super excited right now as I’m in the process of creating and will be doing a launch in the not too distant future. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s email…especially now. Thanks!

Shauna Bryant

Love it, Jonathan!! Totally raw, totally you and totally real! Cheers to a successful launch tomorrow! :)


Wonderful. I can’t wait to see what you’re working on.


Just do it, put your art out there, let other people decide yes or no. LOVE THIS. How many people just ASSUME that other folks will, or already have, said no? It’s insane how many people self edit and restrict themselves because of the perceived no out in the world. Do it anyway, and let them decide for themselves. You’ll be a better person for creating your art/project/endeavor, and the world likely will surprise you with their response. Thanks for this Jonathan!


You have good eyebrows, I will have to paint you sometime.
Much Luck, Love and Light,


well you have added my faith in you by having a picture of Mr. Lee on your wall. Reminds me that I need to make another visit to his and his sons (Brandon) memorial site by Lake Washington.

“be like water”



This is awesome Jonathan. Like the others responded, so much transparency and authenticity. I’ve been battling with my own inner conflict, too. I guess it ultimately comes down to this: are you going to side with the voice that belittles you or the one that makes you comes alive. I would side with the latter. I read once that if you don’t feel that unease in yourself when releasing some form of art, then maybe it isn’t worth releasing.

You’re inspiring all of us. Stay the course.

Schuyler Kaye

Heck ya! Way to go.

I’m sending you three wishes that you:
1. Have COMPASSION for however you show up in your launch. Imperfectly beautiful.
2. Take the time to really APPRECIATE you for being willing to step out into the world in such a big and authentic way.
3. Surrender to ACCEPTANCE or FAITH in that whatever the outcome is, it is probably for a bigger purpose then you know.

Good luck!


Lourenco Azevedo

Amazing project and idea. I wish you the best for tomorrow bro.


So inspiring! Love the idea that “receiving is a skill” and a “gift to others”.

Gave my chills. Can’t wait!

Kate Bacon

Good for you sharing your humanity. Have a great launch :-)


Excited for you, Jonathan! This is a wonderful looking product… haven’t had a chance to really read your last post fully, but from what I saw it’s going to be fantastic. (Going to go check it out right now). Thanks for this video and for sharing yourself with the world!

Can’t wait to see what in store for tomorrow. Thanks for being transparent in this video. I just shared a blog post this morning about the incredible outpouring of support that comes after we are vulnerable enough to ask for help. What I love most about your observations in this video is that you don’t appear to be all wrapped up in the outcome of your launch. I can tell there’s an underlying hope that the project does well, but there’s no urgency about it being a ‘huge success’. Refreshing for sure! I’m excited to be solidifying my next business… Read more »
Suzan Baltozer
I am working on creating a deck of cards and a book called Path-Of-Heart Shamanism. I am 1/5 of the way through creating the artwork for 52 cards and have been working for 20 years on the book/writing. The premisr is that we all have a Path-of-Heart that we are born to follow and that if we widen our scope, reconnect to Nature and the old ways of wisdom, we can set ourselves straight and live a fullfilling, Rich, and Earth honoring way of life. Since I work alone in my studio at home, it would be great to have… Read more »

What am I excited about you ask?

My employer has agreed to a 4-day workweek starting Mid-September. I will have Fridays to dedicate to my tribe, well, to building my tribe. :)

Thanks for helping me get to this point!


I understand exactly what you mean when you said you doubted yourself. I have serious doubts about starting my project all the time. In fact I’m actually terrified! What if…a million things can go wrong, but also SO right. It’s one of the scariest undertakings of my life (so far) but if things go well, hopefully, it will also be the most rewarding, and freeing! Good luck with your venture, and cool Bruce Lee sketch in the background.

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