How I killed my ‘I’m not ready’ syndrome overnight

How I killed my ‘I’m not ready’ syndrome overnight

This story happened some years ago.

Back then I wasn’t very happy with my life – chasing deadlines, tired and stressed, living from weekend to weekend; enjoying the occasional breaks when I could sleep longer than 6 hours, read book at home rather than during morning commute and of course dream about all that I was going to do with my life… one day when…

…when I had more time

…when I was less tired

…when I had more money

…when I felt ready

…when when when… a word that became my mantra; my excuse;

I was drifting through life dreaming of a day when all the stars aligned and the change would happen. Because that unfulfilling life I lived… that couldn’t be it, right?

Not possible. I was better than that.

I was a caterpillar that would naturally turn into a butterfly.

And then one evening, sitting with a glass of wine, mindlessly browsing the Internet after one more miserable day, I came across a drawing.

Unfortunately, as I don’t know who the author is I cannot post this pic here. But here is a link (please let me know if it’s broken!).

I stared at it and… started to cry, right into my glass of Merlot.

This was me… this sad looking girl saying those sad, sad words…

Expressing the truth that I was too scared to admit even to myself…  Time was passing… and I was doing nothing to become the person I wanted to be.

And If I didn’t act now, it soon would be too late.

I’d become this bitter woman, with lost dreams, sad eyes and a bag of regrets…

Never being able to forgive myself for not even trying to chase my dreams… instead of waiting for that perfect moment that would never come…

That night I drank and cried for hours…

Woke up the next morning with a heavy head and light heart. I felt like the shadow had been lifted.

I knew that I wasn’t going to wait for ‘when…’ moments anymore.

My ‘when’ was now.

Things slowly started to change since then. It was a difficult process…in a way it still is.

But my eyes are not sad anymore. I’m finally the captain of my life

And I refuse to drift.

How about you?  Did you experience something similar? I’d love to know.

And please remember…

It’s time to act – it’s later than we think.

Now is a perfect time:

Click to Become To Captain Of Your Life

P.S. I tried and failed to find the author of this drawing. I hate to share other people’s work without crediting them, so if by any chance you know the artist, please let me know, I’ll be eternally grateful.

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Andy Kay

This is beautiful — and it resonates with me just a little too much for comfort.

We should talk. ;)

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