Kill Your Curiosity

[Note from Jonathan: This is a guest post written by Jeremy Bennett.]

–noun, plural

1. the desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness.

Curiosity is over-valued in our society, and one of the top causes of distraction in our increasingly information-saturated world.

Mind you, I’m not completely opposed to curiosity. Children are curious about the world, and that’s usually a good thing! Indeed. What I am proposing, however, is a proper understanding of curiosity; what it is useful for, and some things that it is not useful for.

We are, in fact, multi-dimensional beings. This has been my experience. We have a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect to ourselves, and so on.

Curiosity comes from, and largely works within the level of the mind. It is a desire to learn new information — to help create a framework, or frame of reference — that our minds can use, to make sense of the world we find ourselves in.

This can be very helpful, especially when one is studying a new domain of knowledge, like a child learning about the basics of life in the physical world. For example how gravity works, the fact that even if someone face disappears behind their hands (in the case of peekaboo) they will look to see if they’re still there …Surprise!

Where curiosity can be not-so-helpful, is that of being curious… about irrelevant information, that can serve as more of a distraction to your task at hand. That doesn’t mean that the curiosity, or the object of it is bad per se. it just means that perhaps it’s not the most appropriate time to view (and think about) a certain topic, item or information. In my case, I enjoy practically anything about traditional Japanese hobbies, works of art, and martial arts. Even so, it not the most useful use of my time to pore over the latest model of this uniform, or that tea set, or … (you get the idea)

So instead of curiosity, try wonderment!


1. the state of being in wonder

2. to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel

While curiosity exists at the level of mind, being in a state of wonderment, enables you to “see” and be receptive to the mysteries of the universe. This is what you may feel looking up at the sky in a moonless night, away from the city, with millions of sparkling stars and the milky way, stretched gracefully across the center… or the amazement of looking at a delicate buttercup, perched on a tuft of moss, on the side of a trail… It is that openness to the divine mystery, both the visible, and unseen, what is spoken, and the silence behind it all.

We are moving to a time in our planetary evolution where the distinctions between dimensions are blurring. This process could also be described as Heaven, coming to Earth. ; )

No Time to Wonder…

Another interesting aspect of curiosity; is that it usually pulls the attention of our mind out of the present, and into the future, or the past “I’m curious what’s around the corner…” “I wonder what would have happened if…” our mind can weave an alternate future, a fantasy of it’s own choosing.

When this happens, we can tend to overlook what is happening, right now, because we’re so excited about what will happen… next! From an energetic standpoint, you may find that the energy of curiosity, has an outward, explosive, expression to it. This can be well and good, especially if the goal is increasing knowledge, or it’s framework, as mentioned above.

Wonder, on the other hand, gives us the experience of having all of our senses completely in the present. It is very difficult if not impossible to truly be in a state of wonder, and be thinking of something else. Wonder is immersive, and allows us to surf the crest of the wave of experiencing the present moment. You may notice, that when you are in a state of wonder, that you are in a receptive mode – as if the energy of your attention is like that of a bowl, willing and receptive to experience whatever the present moment offers you.

While building “a bigger (mental) framework” can assist, at this stage of our human evolution, it will not be the most helpful to us. As we tune into the other multidimensional aspects of ourselves, it allows us to access our intuition, and our inspiration, to flow through us. These are not aspects and faculties of the mind, but of our higher selves.

…Except in the Present

When we experience wonderment, and it’s close counterpart, appreciation, we allow ourselves to be open to the goodness in our lives, and the abundance we have yet to fully comprehend. Being in a state of wonderment, can then truly be a multi-dimensional experience.

As each of us do this, we invite the wonder, marvel, and beauty of the divine in every moment that we choose. That said, I invite you to sell your curiosity, and purchase wonderment.

About the author: Jeremy Bennett is a Soul Realignment Practitioner, and helps healers and innovators know who they truly are (and find their purpose)t, to fulfill their unique role with joy and service to the planet.

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