What You’ve Been Waiting For: The Job Escape Preparedness Kit

What You’ve Been Waiting For: The Job Escape Preparedness Kit

Note: This a follow up to these two posts. Thank you for all of your encouragement, we’re going full steam ahead with our plans.

In the beginning, I never thought any of this was possible.

As a young kid I’d complain to my Dad about having to go to school. I’d tell him how much I despised homework and chores, to which he’d reply, “You’re lucky you only have to go to school. Just wait until you get a job. You’ll work your ass off doing something you don’t really care about, and you never see any of the money.”

I accepted that one day a life of drudgery would be my fate as well.

I would spend years toiling away, working to survive. Working to retire and enjoy my life some day, as my father taught me was the case with all honest men. I made peace with this as fate.

And for many years, that’s how I lived. I worked at a string of “survival jobs,” one after the other for years, never getting anywhere. I spent each paycheck as quickly as I got it.

Somewhere along the way, though, my questioning and rebellious nature that previously acted as a thorn in my side started to become my greatest weapon…

How this whole quit your job and work on your own terms thing got started. And, how it’s expanded into something bigger than I could have ever imagined.

Eventually I realized that this “keep your nose to the grindstone” system was held up by one thing only:

A common consensus. An unconscious agreement by the masses that this is “just the way things are.”

This belief, like a house of cards, is fragile once tested.

And due to my non-conformist nature, I inevitably set about testing it.

I wondered why this was the only way, and what other options might exist. I wondered if there were really no options, and if I could truly “design my own life” how I might create other options.

That of course, led me to entrepreneurship.

I realized that prefabricated careers were a 20th century invention.

I embarked on a path of radically designing my own career. This led me to quitting my job, living my own self-directed purpose and creating my own freedom.

This reclaiming of my time and freedom was not an easy task. “That’s just the way things are…” I heard my father’s voice echo in the back of my mind.

But after enough questioning, enough testing, enough skepticism, I pierced the veil. I started creating my own work, followed my own calling and began contributing to the world on exactly my own terms.

The beginning of my path to freedom, and greatest gift to the world.

In the beginning, my mission and vision was all about personal development. I had done a tremendous amount of work in this area, and felt that I could give back to others in a huge and meaningful way.

My intuition was validated when I quickly built a following and an income enough to replace my job by selling an ebook that still sells several copies a day called Reclaim Your Dreams.

Because of the fire behind my message, I was also able to land a regular column on the very popular blog, Zen Habits (maybe you’ve heard of it).

Here are a few highlights from my path to self employment:

  • I built a fulltime income doing what I absolutely loved.
  • I said goodbye to my corporate job for good.
  • I created a blog with over 30,000 subscribers and over a million total visitors.
  • I helped hundreds of folks through private coaching transform their lives.

But then something happened that I completely didn’t expect.

As I continued my journey toward helping people live on their own terms, over and over people kept asking for help with two things:

  1. Finding their passion, and…
  2. Quitting their jobs

At first I resisted this calling. I didn’t think I was qualified to help people build businesses or find their passion.

But person after person constantly asked me for help with this, and I finally relented.

I sometimes jokingly say that I was forced into my purpose against my own will. Now I realize that entrepreneurship and meaningful work is one of the greatest methods (second to relationships) in helping people transform their lives.

These days I’m at peace with my purpose. And I’m in a complete love affair with it.

So, all of that backstory and nostalgia brings me to this one critical point…

It’s clear that there is a strong desire and demand for a product on creating your own freedom that addresses the often neglected aspects of what it means to really work for yourself.

You’ve made it absolutely plain as day that you need help with this stuff other than just creating a side income (although that will be addressed in this product, including the fastest to slowest routes to freedom).

So… I’m thinking about creating a free resource to help folks that are highly committed and serious about this rite of passage.

This resource will be centered around helping you…

  • Master the Fine Art of Hustling (no con-artistry required). Over and over, hustling and the ability to make things happen is cited as the #1 most important trait of successful entrepreneurs. This guide will help you do just that.
  • Make the transition from Amateur to Professional. If you truly desire to become self-reliant and be the master of your own time, you must snip the umbilical cord to your amateur life. This blueprint will show you how to finally start operating like the professional you were born to become.
  • And… The Quitting Preparedness Test. A test designed to help you know with absolutely certainty whether or not you’re prepared to work for yourself and safely leave the confines of your comfortable, fluorescently lit office space.

This is going to require A LOT of work from myself and my team. So I need to know…

Is this something you’re interested in? Would you like to be a part of this movement at a deep level?

If you are, go ahead and “raise your hand” by submitting your name and email in the form below.

Enter your info and click submit to get the resource kit

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If enough people are interested (I’m thinking at least 500 or so), I’ll go ahead and create this free training.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your enthusiasm, support and unbelievable love. You make everything worth it.

Hand on my (almost) unbearably full heart.

PS: I’m also interested in your suggestions on what you would absolutely LOVE to see included in this free kit. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think you’d most benefit from.

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Melissa Jane Ferrell

I would LOVE it! And video would be super rad too!
I’m telling all my friends….

Aurora Rose Truth


Dominic Altier

Hey man, totally excited about this content! I think it would be cool if there were some kind of quick guide for reference as we’re going through the steps that we could refer to. Kind of like a road map, to keep me on the right path. I don’t know, I’m more of a visual person, so literally having something where I could say ‘check that one off, on to the next process’ would be helpful. I think you’re right on in redefining the way we work and diving into what we are passionate about. Can’t wait for this new… Read more »


This would be amazingly helpful. I can’t think of anything to add to your kit, but once I get started on that road I’m sure inspiration will come flying through the air and hit me between the eyes like a brick. It’s hard to be inspired some days when you have a soul-sucking existence, but this site has already given me some hope for a much better life.


Hey, Jonathan! This new content sounds very exciting! I can totally relate to your experience with your father telling you that this is the way life is. When I look for support and encouragement, my parents are definitely not the go-to people. Life to them is climbing the corporate ladder and making a substantial income to buy a nice house, a nice car, and nice…stuff. I see that as imprisonment, and they look at me like I have 2 heads when I confidently say that I have no interest in signing my life away for the sake of having nice… Read more »

Maurice Lindsay

Can’t wait, Please do it John!!!! I would like to see video training modules that go 100% in depth on the topics of amateur to pro and quitting preparedness, because most people are not prepared to quit yet. That’s a major one!


Hi Jonathan I’m in the middle of Month 2 of Trailblazer and you’ve got me further along the Path than many before you. Pass up the chance of more help from you? No way! . Can’t believe I’m learning from a whippersnapper Yank who says ‘Awesome’ a lot ;) But then again I’m a middle aged stick in the mud Brit who knows nothing! My biggest challenge? Gaining the belief that I can become a leader after decades of being a follower of many false gods. Not sure there’s a shortcut to that but I have more faith than ever… Read more »


I would like to see how to work on my own terms from unemployment, I don’t have a job. I love this idea though! :]


So entertaining reading your article, I always work on my own terms, thats why I have to keep moving lol.

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