It’s Time to Make Your Great Escape

It’s Time to Make Your Great Escape

It’s time for you to make the escape of a lifetime.

It’s time for you to take your work, your purpose, your vocation by the reigns and create a life you’d never want to change.

This will be a day you will never forget.

If you want to stop working for someone else for good, you need a plan. You need dangerously focused action. You need unwavering consistency.

The Job Escape Kit is ready for you, and it is all of that. All you have to add is action.

Here’s what some of our founding members have been saying:

“I saw today’s mission and almost threw up. Job well done. I just took more action in 20 minutes than I did in the past year.”
—Kate Marolt

“I will tell you this: I quit my job, own my own business and am a Trailblazer grad, and these daily emails are still super helpful! They really dig deeper into different aspects of running a business that you don’t often think too much about. I’m inspired to live my best life every day because of people like him.”
—Jennifer Blanchard

“It felt so good after only two weeks to be able to say that I had developed a pitch AND a website!”
—Carrie Corvid

“Mission 1, check, done. Can’t wait for your next one.”
—Naomi Lancet

“I love this guide! I wish it had been written before I quit my job and made a bunch of mistakes.”
—Loran Hills

If you’re ready to join this emerging movement of free agents reclaiming their freedom, head here to find out how to start.

Exciting incentives for the first 100 Escape Artists

Our goal isn’t to make a bunch of money with this launch (although that’s always nice).

Our goal is to spread the word far and wide and help real, honest, driven people liberate themselves.

So, we’ve decided to stir up the pot and do something fun to reward the first people that join us with the official release.

  1. The first 100 people to join will get a surprise gift in the mail + private access to a virtual workshop where you’ll be able to ask me anything about plotting and executing your escape.
  2. The first 25 people to join will get free access to the Offer to the World Project to help them find their passion and know how to communicate their genius (plus everything the first 100 receive).
  3. And ONE lucky person will be refunded all of their money, and receive lifetime membership to everything we ever create, forever. Free.

So, do you have the will? Are you ready to finally do this?

Then join us now. It’s time for you to make your escape.

In excitement,



PS: If you’ve already quit your job and are on your way to working on your own terms, you can still participate in this exciting event by sharing this with someone that needs this message.

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