Introducing the New Addition to Team Illuminated Mind

I have some very exciting news for all of you.

For the past two years, my wife Ev’Yan has been working with Illuminated Mind behind the scenes. Not only has she edited every article here at IM (making sure my posts sound coherent and not ridiculous), but she’s also helped shape products and has played a significant supportive role in the development and success of this (our) business.

And now she’s stepping out of the shadows and into a more official role as Co-Pilot of things around here. She won’t be just working behind the scenes anymore; she will now have a face in the business and blog operations of Illuminated Mind.

In this video, I talk with Ev’Yan about how we decided to join forces and the way she’ll be contributing. (Note: if you’re viewing this in a Reader or email, be sure to click here to watch the video.)

Here’s some things Ev’Yan will be helping with:

  • Schedule Management Ninja and Relationship Extraordinaire. She’ll be the first point of contact for all coaching inquiries and general questions. This is something Ev’Yan is amazing at, so I’m really excited to add her personal skills to this part of the business.
  • Visual Aficionado. Ev’Yan is a pretty incredible amateur photographer (see her Project 365) and I’m looking forward to having her manage all photographs on IM. All post images will either be shot or found by her from now on. (And in case you haven’t noticed, there hasn’t been much consistency in whether or not a post has a picture. That will be changing now.)

Most of where you’ll be seeing and interacting with her is through email; she’ll be managing most of it from here on out: all inquiries regarding coaching, interviews, general questions about IM, etc. Building relationships and radiating warmth is Ev’Yan’s strong suit, so I know she’s going to be a huge benefit in this way. I feel so grateful to be able to partner with my wife in this way, and that we can both contribute to the success of IM.

I know some of you have met her already but if you haven’t yet, feel free to send her an email, follow her on Twitter, check out her blog, or just leave a comment here and introduce yourself.

Give her a big welcome, I know she’ll appreciate it!

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