The Imperfect Business Ideal We Must All Strive For

The Imperfect Business Ideal We Must All Strive For

Earlier this week I gave an interview to help existing business owners find a better alignment in their business (I’ll post the link when the interview goes live in Jan).

“Alignment” is the underlying concept we use in everything we do at Paid to Exist:

To simplify things, it’s all about creating a business in alignment with who you are, what you love and what you’re great at.

Let me set something straight about this concept:

Alignment doesn’t have to be perfect (seeking perfection = delivering perfect inaction).

This is not a quest for some kind of Holy Grail.

Alignment is also not something you can just tick off the list and forget about.

It is more a journey towards an ideal.

A journey that requires constant adjustments as your values, passions and interests change throughout your life.

Searching for alignment is about stepping on a thrilling path where you (finally) listen to yourself and create business that grows and changes alongside you 

At Paid To Exist we’ve created a roadmap for this journey.

I shared it in the free live workshop last month, and the feedback I got encouraged me to schedule another free session.

Natacha summarized this well:

I would like to thank you for offering this introduction to the concept of being “Paid to Exist”. I had read some information on your website/emails but this is the first real step for me into taking real action to start a new path. Natacha C.

Why don’t you join us for this free live workshop?

Maybe you will have some big aha moments like Gena L. had?

Thank you for this very awesome workshop! In my heart I knew a couple of the things, but certainly not ALL, and how totally amazing to hear someone give such a no-b.s. rendition of business, with so many aha’s and golden tips! Gena L.

The next free live workshop will take place on:

December 7th, at 11am Pacific / 2pm EST / 7pm UK / 8pm Central European Time.

Here is the agenda and the registration link:

How to Quit Following a Template Laid Down By Others and Start Blazing Your Own Trail . . .

(We only have a very limited amount of seats left.)

I really hope to “see” you there.

I also hope this no B.S. session will help you fix some of the things that are blocking you.

The last one helped Asma deal with her fear of selling:

I have had a block to “selling” per se, but this [roadmap] provides an interesting twist to how I see things. Asma M.

And it helped Rafael L. find an angle to deal with the imposter syndrome that ruined so many business dreams around the globe:

The idea about creating your own niche is awesome! […] Also, if being paid to exist could cause some imposter syndrome feeling, internalizing an idea of an offer to the world can solve it. Rafael L

Even if you only take one small thing away from this session, it will be worth it… for you, and me.

There is no time to keep trying to figuring things out on your own.

So shake the passion tree and join me for this free live workshop:

How to reinvent your life and start your own passion-based business.

Yours in passion, freedom and audacity,


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I’m not seeing a link on the workshop info page to sign up….


Thanks! It’s there now and I signed up :)

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