If You Want to Finish More, Do This

If You Want to Finish More, Do This

If you’ve been struggling to make progress toward your goals, I have some controversial feedback for you:

You’re not doing it right.

Yep, you heard that right. It’s not because you don’t have enough resources (you do). It’s not because you need permission (you don’t). It’s not because you’re not prepared enough (you are).

And it’s ESPECIALLY not because you’re not “good enough” — you are incredible.

The real reason is…

How to start kicking ass immediately

If you want to quit your job, follow your dreams or achieve a big goal, you need to master one thing:


Okay, that seems deceptively simple. But it’s absolutely true. I think it’s the highest leverage skill or trait you can possible develop.

No matter how you feel, no matter what kind of bullshit your mind is manufacturing, or what limitations you’re currently faced with: Get Started.

Don’t try to create the perfect plan. Don’t try to master your productivity system. Don’t try to have it all figured out in advance.

And especially, and I mean especially, don’t try to fight your distractions or carve out the appropriate time (fighting yourself doesn’t help with motivation). Just fucking start. No prerequisites. No rah rah, talk yourself into it BS.

That’s all completely nonessential.

Do one thing this year: master the art of starting. You will be amazed at what you accomplish.

What they don’t tell you about finishing

People often talk about the importance of finishing what you start. They talk about the importance of following through, shipping, etc.

I disagree.

Finishing is much less important than starting. Start enough times and finishing comes automatically. Worry about starting, not finishing.

Finishing will take care of itself.

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