I Found the Reset Button For Your Life

I Found the Reset Button For Your Life

I found the reset button for your life.

Turns out, it was under your pillow.

Weird, I know.

Like you, I’m not sure how it got there, but whatever. That doesn’t matter now.

It was under there, this whole time, and now we know.

Yes, you’re right. It is kind of funny.

I think we were expecting it to be in your doctor’s office, or a mysterious tomb in some dusty old book store.

If anything, at the very least somewhere really hard to get to, that takes a long time, and a lot of strenuous effort.


The pillow.

Haha, I’m thinking exactly what you’re thinking. It is squishy.

Unless it’s gotten flat (in that case, you might want to replace it).

In any case, you’ve been pressing that damn button every night.

For some reason though, it hasn’t been working. And it’s not because your head isn’t big enough. Trust me, human heads are definitely heavy enough.

So, you’ve been pressing this damn thing every night, and not even realizing it.

How could that be?

I’ve been wondering the same thing, and I’ve given it a lot of thought.

What I’ve realized is most of us just never really stop to think about it.

We wake up, and it seems like the same thing, yet again. But it’s not.

We wake up, and we do the same things.

It’s the same predictable pattern. Groundhog style.

  • Check phone. Make coffee. Read facebook. Rush to work. Get stressed about all the things we have to do.
  • Work, work, work. But never enough. Never enough. Never caught up.
  • Get home. Eat some food. Feel bad about not doing enough. Distract ourselves with some screens. Go to bed. Hit reset button… but…

That’s it. There it is, right there, again.

The damn button.

We don’t realize it, but that’s the moment, right when we wake up. Tiny, fleeting.

We keeping hitting the damn the button. But we don’t take advantage of it.

Probably because we don’t even realize it’s happened.

Every damn day, there it is. The golden opportunity to change.

To reset. To start over. New.

But to do that… we need to do something totally different.

Something… radical.

More on that here.

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