How You Can Save Timmy’s Life

This season of the year is supposed to be about giving. Yet we often get caught up in rush of shopping and the anxiety of it all.

It’s kind of silly that we make such a big production about what kind of gifts we’ll buy each other. Others are struggling to find something to eat.

This month I’ve decided to sacrifice a little, to try help someone else in need. While it may not be too much, I’ve committed to not buying any coffee this month. No lattes, cappuccinos, or Starbucks double shots. This can easily add up to $50 a month (shocking, I know). I’m going to try to minimize the amount that I eat out and spend on little things I don’t really need.

At the end of the month, I’ll take the money I saved and donate it to

Also, this month if you donate coffee to me with the little link on the sidebar, that will go to the donation fund as well.

I figured I might as well donate to someone to give them an opportunity to support them self, rather than buy poor children toys. I think starvation takes priority over hotwheels and barbies.

And if you’re wondering… To be honest, I don’t know who Timmy is.

I do know that people are more likely to act to help someone though when they hear a name (which I find a little sad). That’s why I put Timmy in the title. Not to mention, in the famous Christmas story with Mr. Scrooge, Timmy is the little boy that desperately needs help. So it seems fitting.

Just imagine how different it would be if opportunity was spread more evenly throughout the world. I can’t help but think how different it could be if people didn’t get their egos so wrapped up in what they own. If the rich didn’t care so much about having 3 BMW’s and a Porsche, that money could easily go to giving a struggling business man a chance in a third world country.

So I just wanted to let you know what I’m trying to do differently this year. Not to big note myself (it’s hardly anything), but to hopefully inspire some of you to do the same.

Let me know if you decide to join in on this little project, “Save Timmy.” I’ll add your link to the bottom at the bottom of this article.

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Maria | Never the Same River Twice

Jonathan, congratulations on making some sacrifices to help others. I’ve done a bit of this myself, and it’s a great feeling to know that your work is going to support a good cause.

Kiva is an awesome organization. I’m a lender myself, and I definitely encourage others to get involved. When you become a lender, don’t forget to donate a bit to Kiva for their operating costs. Charities need to pay the electric bill, too!


This is awesome, and totally what the season should be about. The pressure to buy unwanted stuff for people is enormous, and it takes great courage to actually give to those who need it instead.


I love that idea! Grassroots capitalism!

Jay Frawley

What a great way to give a little. Every little bit helps. We all have these little things we purchase on a given day which:
1)Does not serve our values and
2)Would do so much more for the great people at
Everyone needs to take a look at their purchases with a more global outlook. Trade in your BMW, skip the designer handbag that will be “out of fashion next week, and help out your fellow human. Great Post!

Glen Allsopp

I like to think that even if I had the funds today to own 3xBMW’s & a porsche then I’ll still be driving around in a nice but modest car.

Great idea Jonathan and I support you in cutting back on Coffee’s, as my good-will gesture I’ll do the same



The girls in our office decided not to exchange gifts this year, but donate to a family we know in need. The father was killed leaving a 7 month old and a very young widow who was a stay at home mom. We are giving her grocery store gift cards instead of buying each other some silly gift.
Everybody is really excited about it, much better than trying to find some gift for a co-worker who doesn’t really need it.


That is such a great idea!

Imagine if at least half of the country sacrificed something small every month and donated the money to people who actually needed it; the world would be a better place.

You are such an inspiration, because it only takes one to start something big!


i made a small loan to kiva a few months ago and i think it’s an excellent idea

Silke (Organized Diva)

What a wonderful gift idea! I had already decided that for two close friends, I would donate in each of their family’s names to a charity, rather than giving them each little presents. The donation would be a bit larger (a composite of what I would spend on each) and may make the kids a bit more grateful (I never get real thank-yous from any of them anyhow). My initial reason for giving to the charities was because I know they are getting less during these economic times and this would make a difference. But after writing this comment I… Read more »

Jim Littlefield

Great idea, Jonathan! My Timmy is named Seynabou; she lives with her family in Senegal. It’s amazing to see what is a small about of money to us can do from someone in a developing country. When I get it scanned, I’ll post a photo of Seynabou with the Goat, 3 sheep, blankets, clothes and food on my blog. We support her monthly through WorldVision. What I enjoy most is getting to see Seynabou grow up, and knowing we’re making a big difference in her quality of life. Going without 8 tall lattes a month is easy when I see… Read more »

Jim Littlefield

I’ve just uploaded the picture of Seynabou. The link attached to my name goes to the post. — Jim


Save Timmy? I thought that was Lassie’s job.


I’ve been a Kiva and Heifer Project supporter for years. After talking about Kiva with my pre-teen son, he decided to donate his “sharing” money to Kiva and has continued for the past four years. Small amounts of money, but they add up to make a difference.

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