How to Stop Playing Life on Hard Mode

How to Stop Playing Life on Hard Mode

Despite what you’ve been tricked to believe, the highest achievers don’t play life on hard mode.

They make achieving what they want inevitable through the removal of obstacles. They make things easier, not harder. They focus on choosing the right path, so realizing their goals is inevitable.

How do you move from maybe to inevitable?

It’s simple, really.

You consciously craft the conditions that make it impossible for you to fail.

I’m going to share with you how to make achieving almost anything you want in your life automatic.

You see, when you focus on crafting the path, not controlling your behavior, everything becomes easier.

The goal should be to create a game that you’re destined to win. Where all the odds are in your favor.

When you focus on the path not your willpower, you no longer have to…

  • Spend your whole life striving and pushing.
  • Will everything into existence, ending every day exhausted but feeling like you can never do enough.
  • Go at it alone and make up everything from scratch.

In fact, doing it alone ensure that hardest, least fulfilling, and least intelligent route to where you want to go.

Using the 80/20 rule, we can focus on the 20% of the effort that creates 80% of the results.

When it comes to realizing your dreams and creating a business you love, you want to focus on controlling the aspect that has the most influence over you.

So, what is that genius?

Your environment.

This comes down to everything from where you work (your physical environment), what tools you work with (your digital or analog workspace) and who you work with (your social environment).

Consciously choosing and shaping these influences makes the other stuff happen automatically.

This is what I call Environment Hacking

Becoming an environment hacker involves three main missions:

1. Hack your physical environment.

2. Hack your work space.

3. Hack your social influences

Let’s take a look at each of these briefly…

1. Hacking your physical environment

This involves consciously choosing where you work and what type of environment you work in.

The most important key here is choosing to work somewhere with positive energy, that also minimizes potential for interruption.

Working from home or always being on call at your job is the surest way to being minimally productive.

Instead, work from a coffee shop or put up a do not disturb sign and communicate which hours you’re available for conversation and collaboration.

Remember, this is your fucking life’s work we’re talking about here, not some game of ping-pong.

2. Hacking your work space

The more distractions in your space, both digitally and physically, the more the quality of your work suffers.

You know that. Nothing groundbreaking there.

But do you control it?

The highest leverage activity you can do to hack your work space is to figure out your peak creative zones. And then set up a distraction blocker like Self Control during these times to block common distraction news and social media sites.

This makes it impossible for you to get distracted. Why leave anything to chance? Make it impossible for you to do anything but the most important, strategic, creative work.

3. Hack your social influences

Choosing who you work and collaborate with is perhaps the greatest gift of working for yourself.

When you surround yourself with champions, you make it impossible to give less than your best. If you don’t, trust me, they won’t keep you around.

Whether you’re on your way, or are just getting started, act like you’re the best in the world, and you will be.

You’ll attract people around you that operate on a high level as well, and their genius will rub off on you. This is how empires are built, through the collaboration of top performers.

However, they perform at their best not because of their own willpower, but because who they surround themselves with makes it impossible not to.

So, what’s the fastest way to hack an environment that ensures your success?

The answer: Tapping into a tribe that you don’t have to find or create.

And what do you know? I’m creating exactly that tribe, for you.

In a few days, I’ll be opening an opportunity for the last chance to work with me to get paid to be you.

This is the final mission of Paid to Exist. And it’s called The Immersion Project.

I’ll be curating a group of 40 badass, dedicated and focused entrepreneurs that want to level up their lives dramatically.

Six months of intense, focused work on your business, your work, your dreams… with the support of myself and a tribe of fellow renegades ready to support you at all costs.

Space is limited. Join the list below to automatically level up your environment and make your path much faster.

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Hat tip to my friend Pace for inspiring me to not play life on hard mode anymore.

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