How to Sell Out Your Product Before You Create It

How to Sell Out Your Product Before You Create It

Creating anything can be scary. But creating a product that you’ve poured your heart and soul into is something few have the chutzpah to do.

What if no one wants it? What if you won’t be productive enough to create it? And how can you be sure in advance that you’ll be able to sell it to enough people?

If you’re creating a product that supports your family or other people, you can’t afford to take any risks. You need to know that it will work. Creating a product, then trying to figure out if people want it is too risky.

So, what if you could sell out your product before you lift a finger to create it?

That would take a lot of the pressure off, wouldn’t it?

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing since I started my business. I worked at a full-time job and needed to make every minute I spent on my business count. Everything I did needed to be high leverage.

And on accident, I started doing something called preselling.

Of course, I didn’t know what it was at the time. I just knew that I needed to verify the demand before I spent a bunch of time creating an ebook that no one wanted.

Through my own reckless pursuits, I took several steps to ensure that my product would be successful before it was ever created.

1. I went through my archives and created a map of my most popular content. I made sure that my ebook focused on the core of those topics, or at least overlapped with most of them.

2. I refined the core message of my product and wrote a series of articles on about it on my blog. I made sure they tied deeply into the message of my product, and I listened to see if the response was favorable enough for me to warrant moving forward.

3. Once I had some amount of evidence, I went back to my readers and asked them what their biggest challenges were related to the topic I had chosen. I found the three biggest patterns and made those the core focus of my ebook.

I also took the response of my reader surveys and used it to shape the sales page, so I could communicate to my readers that I understood where they were coming from.

Looking back, there are a lot of things I would have done differently, and would have refined. But at the time, there weren’t any maps in existence that I knew of to help guide me. I just knew that I couldn’t afford to risk everything. I needed to make it work.

My freedom (and sanity) depended on it.

Fortunately, now there is a map. I know this because I’ve used it and I’ve helped my clients use it. The results have been surprisingly good each time.

My friend Clay Collins has a simple process that he shares with the world that ensures your product, book, course, or coaching program is successful, long before you ever create it.

It’s his mission to help people stop holding themselves back from creating what’s inside them, because they’re too afraid of failure.

Well, this removes the possibility of failure, because you don’t create anything until it’s sold. And it’s pretty amazing how well this works.

This Thursday, I’ll be hosting a live webinar with Clay, where we’ll share with you this simple process. It’s broken down into steps, and it works. I don’t do events like this often, and I rarely let anyone present to my audience. But I’m making an exception for Clay because I believe so strongly in what he teaches.

If you’d like to join us on this no-cost live presentation, you can reserve your seat here:

Make your product, book, or coaching program successful, before you create it.

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I’ve read something about this before…

Like how big companies do a pre-sell, everyone can do the same. They get money to cover any final costs AND they create interest in the product.

…finding out which products WOULD presell thats different.

Since I’m starting out I obviously cant go to my own files. so,

1) I go to the archives of blogs and sites I like

2) Figure out what things are working for them and why

3) Formulate my own thoughts and ideas based on what I already know works

4) Write!

5) Re-Write

6) Keep Writing

7) Post, produce, sell, etc.


@GettingIncome Sounds like a pretty good strategy to me. If you don’t have the data/audience/cash, it makes sense to borrow from other people that have been testing.


Awesome Jon! I read Clay a long time ago and was very impressed. Somehow I lost track of him, and I’m thrilled you’re spreading the word. It looks like his offerings are even better than I remember, and I’m eager to know more. Also, I recently took advantage of your celebrate birthday offer, and I am super appreciative. Thanks again man.


@spiritsentient Glad to hear that man. Yep, Clay’s stuff keeps getting better and better, and I’m honored to be able to share it with my audience.


I haven’t used exactly this method but I have put my heart and soul into my time management expert course which will be launched in a couple weeks. Luckily I already have people knocking on my door (figuratively) waiting for it to be launched.

Hopefully I will “sell out” ;)Thanks for a great article!


@DanielMWood Good luck man, seems like you’re on the right track!


Excellent! I’ll be applying these techniques! Thank-you!


@davelucas You’re welcome. :)

Alex Mangini

That’s really important – to actually do research on your community and see what they are interested in the most. I see people develop products based on “how cool they think it is” or “my competitors all sell this,” but it’s not always what their readers or users may actually want.

Awesome advice here.


Oh man! I missed it! I got behind in my blog reading. Any chance there is an archived recording you can share?


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