How to Move Beyond Fear

How to Move Beyond Fear

Sometimes I think about what I would do if fear wasn’t getting in my way. And the way I would be living terrifies me.

Throughout the evolution of my life and Illuminated Mind, I realize that when I was doing great things, I was nearly always scared.

Doing things beyond your known powers creates a deep sense of uncertainty. What if it doesn’t work? is usually the dominant thought circling through my brain. In fact, I can’t remember a time where this hasn’t been the case.

Sometimes I would let the fear keep me from doing what I wanted. But in most cases, I took action anyway. And somewhere along the way I realized that most of my fears weren’t based on reality, or even trepidation based on what I’d experienced in the past.

I started to learn that I wasn’t very good at predicting when something bad would happen.

With all fears, we think there are potential negative repercussions. If we take action or move forward, something bad might happen. So we stall, or make up all sorts of reasons why we can’t do it now. There’s always someday, right? (It seems that we act as if we’ll live forever.)

You can always wait until you have more resources, more confidence, more certainty.

But what if none of those things are getting in your way? What if you could do what you want, right now and nothing bad happened?

It’s hard to consider that thought seriously.

Every time I’ve taken a leap of faith, a net appeared. These days, I try to remember that I’m not very good at predicting what will happen, so I try to just wait and see.

The “smart” part of me wants to analyze the best course of action and come up with lots of reasons why I should wait, plan, or stall. Sometimes I listen. But most of the time I try to listen to the foolish beginner in me that doesn’t know what is or isn’t possible. He seems naive and dense, but he figures it out as he goes along, and everything turns out okay.

I’ve also learned that it can be really helpful to have the support of others on your path to moving beyond fear. It’s easier to take action when everyone else is. Why not use positive social pressure to your advantage?

Move beyond fear

So I was really excited when I found out that my friend Cara was creating a course on moving beyond fear. And she asked me to help teach people about the right mindset to letting go of fear and doing what you want. I think it’s really simple, but I decided that it would be fun to be a part of this.

Today the Beyond Fear training program opens to 50 groundbreaking members. If you decide to put your stake in the ground, say goodbye to fear and join the course, I’m looking forward to seeing you inside. And if you sign up through the link below, I’ll give you a copy of my eight week system Paid to Exist (normally $250) for free. Just send me the receipt at jonathan@paidtoexist2.loc

I’m not sure fear ever really goes away. For me personally it’s a good indicator that I’m doing something important. However, I don’t think it has to keep us from doing what we want.

What do you think? Does fear ever go away?

Note: I’m a proud affiliate and workshop presenter in Cara’s Beyond Fear training program. I stand behind it 100% and believe that if you want to stop letting fear hold you back and start doing what you want, there’s no better resource out there for you. If it speaks to you, click here to find out more about joining us.

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