How to Have Unlimited Energy

How to Have Unlimited Energy

Is it really possible to have unlimited energy? Probably not. But I bet that title got you curious.

I think everyone wants “unlimited” amounts of energy. We want to work at peak performance, stuck in the “on” position. We want to be wildly on fire with passion every minute of every day. And when we’re not, we often judge ourselves for not being on fire enough.

It can be easy to question what we’re doing. There must be something we should be doing that’s more exciting, right?

Maybe, maybe not.

Passion and excitement are incredible tools. They are great for accomplishing things that require intense bursts of energy, like backflips or book manuscript deadlines. But these are heightened states — they’re not sustainable.

Great tornadoes or tsunamis are breathtaking and awe-inspiring. But even nature can’t sustain these bursts of energy for long periods of time.

So, if we can’t be madly on fire with passion every single moment, then what should we aim for instead?

Slow burning enthusiasm

We certainly don’t want our reserves to explode like a firecracker, quickly burning off any stores of energy that we might need later. So instead of being quick to release (maybe some men can relate to this…), it might make sense to cultivate a state of slow-burning enthusiasm.

Yes, we can be enthusiastic about this moment. Yes, that is what we should aim for.

But it doesn’t need to be holy shit! amazing! mind explosion!

That’s usually the sign of a fleeting desire. A momentary diversion that may be interesting now, but doesn’t have much fulfillment to offer in the grand scheme of things. I don’t condemn these pursuits, I only point out that they’re not sustainable to cultivate.

Anyway, we know our own ego-driven energy is finite. So, how do we tap into something bigger, more inexhuastible?

What’s bigger than you?

There is only so much we can accomplish, only so much energy we have access to through solitary pursuits. If we want to tap into a bigger well-spring of energy, we need to move beyond ourselves.

We need to share a cause worth working toward, together. Something more collective and unifying.

So, how is what you love bigger than just you? How does what you do relate to a cause that’s deeper than your finite existence?

Dig deeper.

You’ll find a source of energy that flows, and flows, and flows. You can become a conduit for it. Give yourself to it, and it can run through you. I think you’ll be surprised at how effective this can be.

And rather than burning out like a constantly flickering flame, you can steadily shine brightly.

It’s said that the light we see from stars in the sky exists far in the past. When you burn brightly, you can also leave your own light trails for others to be illuminated by, and follow far into the future.

I’ll leave you with a question: Have you ever judged yourself for not being able to sustain intense passion and excitement all the time?

Curious to hear your thoughts.

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