The Truth About Formulas and How to Be Original

The Truth About Formulas and How to Be Original

I have a vision for my work, and my writing.

And I confess, sometimes I stray from that vision.

Sometimes I lose track of what I really want to say, and start thinking about what might be popular instead. Rather than creating something I feel inspired by, I start thinking about what might be viral.

And then I slap myself.

Every time I’ve written something that matters, I’ve allowed my energy to be unrestrained. I’ve poured my heart out because I can’t contain it. I’ve released an idea because it couldn’t be caged.

Here’s the thing: None of those moments were the result of following a formula, a proven “system” or a set of ethics on what’s proven to work.

The secret is there’s no formula for creativity, or doing great work. Any success that’s formulaic is mediocre at best.

Question for you:

Has your greatest work been the result of a formula, or was the most popular thing you’ve created unexpected?

Curious to hear your thoughts,

PS: You might have seen the “on the roof” video (we got a lot of comments and emails about it). We’ll be releasing the thing we hinted at next Tuesday, and I’ll be needing your help.

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