How I Spent All Day With A Fugitive

How I Spent All Day With A Fugitive

Dominika and I did something a bit unusual this Friday: we spent most of the day with one of our email subscribers – Axel – who lives in Spain.

When he offered to visit us in Malaga, we thought it could be really cool. We didn’t know he’d bring beer, wine and cheese – that made it even cooler ;)

Anyway, he turned out to be an awesome guy and we spent a lot of time talking about his situation, his life and the great business project he is working on.

And as we were talking, I realised something about him:

Although he still has a ‘proper’ (albeit part time) job working for someone else…

He already made the mental shift to “Paid to Exist” mode.

His business is still under construction and he doesn’t generate income from it yet, but his mind is ready for it:

  • He already behaves like the owner of this business (rather than complaining about his job and only dreaming about this project).
  • Mentally, he already quit his job. A good symptom of this is that he’s working part time, and he has no fear whatsoever telling his boss he’ll skip useless meetings (so he can spend more time on his project).

He’s already a warrior fighting for his freedom, and a corporate fugitive.

No matter how much time he needs to get where he wants to be, he will get there, I have no doubt about it.

Because in his mind he is already a free, ‘paid to exist’ man. And that makes all the difference.

In all the successful corporate escape stories I know of, this mind shift is the turning point.

There is no return after that.  And even if you still have to stay in your dead end job for some time, that’s just a temporary state. Your mind already escaped and your body will soon follow.

There are many ways to get to that turning point. A lot (if not most) of them are included in the Ultimate Job Escape Toolkit that we released a couple of weeks ago.

Let me add something more:

Like Axel, you can reach that “freedom state” even if your business isn’t 100% ready; or even if you don’t even have a business idea yet.

It’s all about making that mental shift, reaching that turning point from which you know there will be no looking back.

If you experienced something like that in your life, I’d be super interested to hear about it. Post a comment below to let me know.

And if you still didn’t register, it is still time to book your slot for Thursday’s free live workshop:

How to Quit Following a Template Laid Down By Others and Start Blazing Your Own Trail . . .

I’m adjusting the content following our discussion with Axel. And I’m even preparing a free action workbook for you guys!

It’s going to be a really cool session :)

See you there,


P.S. I just posted a photo of Axel and us on our Facebook page.

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Hi and I’m totally happy to see this post today since I also have “fired my boss’ and “quit the job” mentally but still in my unfulfilling job. But not much longer. This is how I’ve felt for a log time. Once I came across this site it was out of desperation one evening. The stress of some federal requirements had me in nightly panic attacks, insomnia and dreaded to go to work. To escape what I thought was an impending firing I forgot what I typed in and landed here. I could not stop reading the posts since every… Read more »


Hi Sylvie! I can perfectly understand you. This is a HUGE mindshift. And it has some great benefits even if your still in your job… One of the best I’ve discovered? Changing nighlty panic attacks, insomnia and so on for sleeping like a baby and waking up excited and totally energized working on my project and thinking about the great things that are yet to come.

Enjoy the journey!!

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