How to Do More of What Matters

No one ever lies in bed at night thinking “Damn, I just wish I could have done less important stuff today.”

Everyone wants to do more of the things that matter, and less of the stuff that doesn’t.

The problem is that it’s often hard to know what matters most. Our attention is usually pulled in a million different directions, and without a clear path before us, we leave it up to chance where our energy will be spent.

And even when we do know what matters, without approaching it with the right framework, it can be difficult to achieve any meaningful momentum on it. So we often seek different systems — calendars, planners, web apps, software, etc. — to help us manage our time or productivity.

But how often has that worked for you? Probably not so much. That’s because…

You don’t need another system

You’ve tried it, and fitting yourself in a system doesn’t work. What you really need is not a new software device or color coded labeling process. What you need is a different approach to your work that is aligned with your values and utilizes all of your unique resources (yes, you have them).

For the past three months, Charlie Gilkey and I have been working on a product that helps with that called The Dojo. We have been “training” in these techniques and have seen great success in doing more of what matters for ourselves and our clients.

We began the product with the intention of helping people do more of the stuff that matters; not through a new system that is meant to “fix you,” but through a different framework completely.

Why we call it The Dojo

Charlie and I are both martial artists, and we carry a lot of the philosophy of training into our daily lives and the work that we do. After working together, we realized that we were combining our Fu’s in a way that complimented each other. We both began to understand that the key to effective martial arts training is in the mindset and way you approach your practice. We’ve found the same thing to be true with effectively doing what matters. It starts with your approach and the mindset you bring to your practice. That’s why we began calling this new project The Dojo. It’s a place for you to practice and do more of what matters.

What makes The Dojo different from a lot of other tools out there is that we’re not going to overwhelm you with processes and hacks. We only give you the raw, distilled essence of the principles and tenets that actually work.

Instead of using a system to hack at the branches of productivity, you’ll be using the right framework to hack at the root. That makes a huge difference.

Not just a better way, but a different game entirely

And it’s important to say something else here. Charlie and I are fundamentally lazy people. We’re not interested in out-hustling or out-muscling other people. Just as in a fight, you can use brute force to overpower your enemy (and run the risk of injuries and a battered face). Or… you can use an intelligent approach, rooted in quickness, timing, and a highly sensitive awareness to win.

The same is true when it comes to doing what matters. You can push and strain and use a lot of willpower, and you may or may not make some progress. But you’ll probably wear your body and spirit in the process, because willpower and untempered force is not sustainable.

The second, alternative approach is doing things in a more calm, centered, and highly aware way. One that is more intelligent and alive to the moment. One that is aligned to your purpose and unique strengths. When you follow this alternative path, your work feels less like work, and more like play. Instead of striving and pushing, you reach your goals with a feeling of ease and lightness. You might even be surprised at how easily they are accomplished without the sweat, stress, and straining you’ve experienced in the past.

This alternative path is what we offer you in The Dojo. A way to do more of what matters with less brute force, and a more relaxed, assured power. One that is sustainable and incredibly powerful.

If that sounds like something you’re ready for (when else would you be ready?), I’d like to invite you to enter The Dojo.

Want to finally wake up excited about your work?

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