How to Be Resourceful

Most people put their dreams on hold because they’re waiting for the right resources to become available to them.

And they wait indefinitely.

When you let circumstances dictate when and how you will act, they will never be exactly as you want them to be. When you’re waiting for opportunities to show up, they rarely do. When you wait for the right people to contact you, they may or may not.

There’s a big difference between seeking resources and being resourceful.

Seeking resources works some of the time. When the tools you need are easily within your reach, everything works out. But when resources seem scarce, you’re shit outta luck.

Being resourceful on the other hand means you’re the one that mines the resources. You know that you have everything you need, because all the resources are within you.

Being resourceful means…

  • You are proactive
  • You see things through to the end
  • You move deliberately in the direction of your dreams
  • You’re aware of the vast amount of possibilities and opportunities around you
  • You don’t try to control your energy; you channel it instead
  • You don’t collect valuable information and do nothing with it
  • You’re aware that you have more tools available to you than you sometimes realize
  • You cultivate a state of inspiration that fuels your ability to take prolific action

The difference between being resourceful and passively waiting for or seeking resources is dramatic.

The people that get things done are resourceful.

The people that follow (and realize) their dreams are resourceful.

Start now, from wherever you are. Do that, and trust me, the resources will show up.

photo courtesy of Chris Devers

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