Help us Stop Complacency

Earlier this week my friend Adam Baker released the sneak peak for their new documentary on complacency and the affect it has on our lives. I know all of us can relate to this at some time or another in our lives (I’ve certainly had my own share of challenges with this at various times).

I’m grateful to have been interviewed by Adam (and his awesome crew) for the film earlier this year when they went on their 10,000 mile tour across the United States.

However, there’s a small glitch…

This work may never see the light of day. Editing, publishing and distribution has significant costs associated with it. And we can’t get it out there without a little help from all of you.

To help with this, Adam and the crew have put together a Kickstarter to make being a part of the launch easier. There’s some really cool bonuses associated with different contribution levels.

Action: Check it out and if you feel called, please support it in whatever way you can.

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