Guaranteed Way To Quit Your Job By The End Of 2017

Guaranteed Way To Quit Your Job By The End Of 2017


So there you are:

The New Year is coming…

To achieve stellar results and truly transform your life, you decided to go wild with us :-)


You Too Rushed Headlong For The One Goal Strategy.

This is a GREAT strategy, and it will help you move mountains.

That said, you just made the awesomely bold decision to bet everything on one goal…

So it’d better work!

In this last post of the year I’d like to give you a fool proof way to execute your one goal strategy.

Because we both know how it works with such exciting goals:

Once the initial excitement fades away, your mind chatter starts constantly bombarding you with shitty doubts and excuses that end up paralyzing you.

Here Is A Simple Method To Guarantee Your Transformational Goal Becomes Reality By The End Of The Year

BIG transformational goals such as starting your own business and quitting your job tend to be complex ones.

And with complex goals, it is really easily to end up in a situation where:

  • you don’t know where you are and what to do next,
  • you constantly doubt you’re on the right path,
  • you constantly doubt you’re gonna make it.

Maybe that sounds familiar?

Anyway, here is a simple remedy for this pain:

Learn How To Live In Your Goal, Rather Than Live For Your Goal

Let me explain what I mean:

Too often, we consider our goals as something we need to achieve “at some point in the future” … something distant from now … something quite far away from today’s reality.

This causes many people to fail.

Instead of feeling intimidated by this distant reality you can’t feel, what if you could move it forward to the present?

What if you could IMMERSE in your goal and make it your everyday reality, starting now?

In other words, rather than considering your goal as something you need to achieve, why not considering it as something you are already in the process of achieving, right now?

This is a simple mindset shift, but it has a huge butterfly effect:

When you immerse in your goal, when you live and breathe in the middle of it every single day, your goal is not scary, intimidating or impossible anymore.

It becomes an exciting, thrilling, motivating reality that gives you a huge boost every morning when you wake up.

So how do you do that? How can you immerse in your goal every day?

There are many ways to do that, but here’s the most effective one (by far) for me:

Make Sure You Always Know What To Do Next

Imagine if you could have a very detailed day by day plan that tells you exactly what to do every single day in order to achieve your goal.

Every morning, for the next 365 days, you wake up excited, and you know what to do today to get one step closer to your dream goal.

You live in your goal, you are immersed in it. You feel empowered, productive.

And you don’t even need to get into some complicated prep work to create this detailed, yearlong action plan: you can split it into small chunks, and create them one at a time. Here’s a cool method to help you do that.

But let me ask you a quick question:

What If You Could Have a Done For You Plan That Shows You Exactly What To Do Every Day To Quit Your Job By The End Of 2017?

What if somebody had the whole thing masterminded for you … inevitable success split in 365 small steps?

What if, starting on January 1st, you could receive one small task to complete each day, so you can start living on your own terms by the end of 2017?

You would start living and breathing your goal, no matter what. You would feel immersed, empowered and productive.

You would leave nothing to luck: all you have to do to start living on your own terms by Dec 31st 2017 is to complete the small task you’re given every day.

Paid to Exist’s 365 Days To Freedom program reopens on Jan 1st for just a few days.

Try it out. You have nothing to lose.

And you might quit your day job in 4 months like Jessica did it in 2016 (I’ll share her amazing story with you in the New Year) …

Ready for the big change in 2017?

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We’ll have a cool bonus for the 10 fastest action takers :)

So signup below, patiently wait for Jan 1st and get ready for the big ride.

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Peter Fritz

This is absolutely spot-on. I did the ‘365-Days to Freedom’ program with you guys and it transformed my life (cue cheesy music). I wasn’t aiming to quit my job (because I haven’t had one for over 10 years) but I did want to move in a completely new direction – away from trading hours for dollars as a consultant. I’m now a long way down that road and loving my life a shitload more than this time last year. I’m a big advocate of this mindset. Set the goal, break the action plan down to bite-size chunks, then focus solely… Read more »

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