ATTN: Stop Putting Off Your Great Work

ATTN: Stop Putting Off Your Great Work

Almost daily, no matter how hard you try, this happens like clockwork:

You sit down to do that important work you want to do. You know, the dream that’s going to change your life. That project that’s going to change everything.

It’s your magnum opus. It’s your legacy work. It’s you: blazing a new trail, setting a new trend.

And then, something happens… email strikes. Then Twitter. Facebook. Google Plus. Your iPhone. The Dog needs you. The dishes are dirty and the sink’s piled up.

So your great work gets put on hold. Sits on the sidelines like a second team player, waiting for another day. It gets filed away in the attic of your mind for later.

Well, I have a question for you:

How often does later ever come?

I’m guessing the answer is probably somewhere in the vicinity of not very damn often. Am I right?

But that still doesn’t change the fact that your dream, your vision, is burning a hole in the back of your mind. No matter how much you put it off, it continues to smolder like hot coals in the night.

While you may be able to ignore it temporarily, it never goes away.

So the question remains… how do you stop putting it off?

Most of us procrastinate on our great work, and then beat ourselves up about it. A vicious rotation of distraction and guilt ensues.

The first step, then, is this: Acknowledge that it’s not easy.

Great work is never effortless. It requires deliberate focus and attention. It’s hard to get started on it because you care so much.

You don’t want it to fail. You don’t want it to not reach its full potential. You want it to be glorious and amazing and world-changing.

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Because of its awesome nature, you must respect that your life’s work is not going to be a low-key Sunday morning drive. Give yourself some credit and realize that most people don’t even consider what their trailblazing work will be, let alone embark fully committed to the journey of actualizing it.

What you need to ensure your great work gets done

If you want to undertake this quest, you need two things:

  1. A daily kick in the ass.
  2. Someone to answer to.

Pain and pleasure based rewards don’t work. At least not for me. I see through their facade and my mind immediately goes to work launching an attack to dismantle its flimsy veneer.

A much more effective approach is to give yourself a firm (metaphorical) kick in the ass on a daily basis. Why are you doing this? Why does it matter? Why does it matter now?

While you’re at it, pair that up with someone to answer to. Tell someone that you respect that you’re going to deliver something to them at a certain time, and tell them to hold you to it. Maybe it’s just three pages of your book to a coworker by 3pm. Or it might be something more intense like a product prototype by the end of the week.

Commit, then submit fully flawed and raw.

The final step: making your trailblazing work inevitable

If you truly want to make great work happen daily, without much thought, you need to surround yourself with other trailblazers. You need a community dedicated to supporting you at all costs and seeing your vision through.

It’s up to you to create that.

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