Stick to the Holy Plan, or Have the Guts to Change Course Mid-Stream?

Stick to the Holy Plan, or Have the Guts to Change Course Mid-Stream?

You have a great idea. You’ve got plans. Well-thought-out plans, as a matter of fact.

You have advice from mentors and you even have data to back up your strategies. You’ve scoured the campaigns and case studies of other successful projects.

But then comes the blinding truth of reality.

Your plans don’t match up with what you’re experiencing in the world.

You have two choices: rigidly stick to the plan, or change course mid-stream.

The difference between mediocre success and legacy creators is defined by these crux decisions.

Good creators make plans based on what works. They immerse themselves in real-world experience, test, track and constantly refine their tactics and strategy. And in most cases, it works.

But pioneering creators (the people that create their own markets and categories) have an approach that can be easily written off as uncalculated.

Great leaders don’t just make plans. They listen with their ear to the ground to what’s happening within their community; they stay rooted in their purpose. They carefully study the patterns of movement in their tribe, and they don’t just create what they need; they exceed and surpass their needs.

Even if they’ve invested significant time, energy and resources into a project, they’re willing to reverse directions completely if the feedback they’re getting tells them it’s the right move. They keep their minds open and their hearts dialed into their people.

What’s most important is that they don’t rigidly follow a proven formula, even if they are receiving information contrary to the “tested” way. Because they listen and adjust, they’re able to take risks and do things others envy.

No MBA, bestselling book or mentorship can teach you how to actively listen to your tribe and respond. But it’s what separates those that just do “what works” from those that create new categories.

Be bold enough to shred your plans and burn your maps if reality is giving you contrary feedback. Be daring enough to forge a path into uncertainty, where untold rewards may be found.

Go with your gut. Trust yourself more.

image courtesy of gordonhunter

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