Free Guide: The Freedom Funding Kit

Free Guide: The Freedom Funding Kit

For better or worse, money holds most of us back from doing what we really want to do.

We inextricably tie money to our freedom. Security, above most things is ironically what makes us feel most safe to pursue our deepest desires.

So, have you strategically considered what it will take, in dollars and cents, to feel a sense of ease, calm and collectedness?

Have you mapped out how to replace your day job income doing something you would wake up excited to pursue?

Do you have a strategy for minimizing expenses, saving rapidly, and increasing your income?

If you answered no to any of those questions, the Freedom Funding Kit is here for you – Click to Tweet

This is the culmination of my experience on my path to reclaim my freedom, my time and make a livelihood from my personal calling. I wish I had something like this when I was preparing to escape my job and forge my own way to self reliance.

The Freedom Funding Kit involves three major steps:

  1. Baselining and elimination. Culling and shedding to make your freedom income much more accessible.
  2. Preparation. Building your freedom safety fund.
  3. Self Reliance. Creating your freedom (or job replacement) income.

This is not just a guide, but a workbook as well. It comes equipped with worksheets and tools to help guide you through the process, and come out the other end with a solid plan you can actually follow through on.

The Freedom Funding Kit includes some underground hacks as well like:

  • How to never pay bank fees again.
  • The art of negotiating like a boss (without fighting dirty).
  • A step-by-step high leverage income process that guides you to identifying and executing the key activities in your business that directly result in money.

Inside the Freedom Funding Kit

Click here to download now

Two last actions and requests:

  1. My team and I put a lot of hard work into this kit and are offering it freely available with no expectations in return. It would be deeply appreciated if you share it with one of the buttons below, or click here to tweet about it.
  2. Finally, if you’re interested in taking this to the next level, check out the Job Escape Kit site for more free resources and tools, including an in-depth case study on quitting your job.

Here’s to your liberation.

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