How to Spend the First 60 Seconds of Your Day to Wake Up Winning

How to Spend the First 60 Seconds of Your Day to Wake Up Winning

I swear, I wouldn’t get anything done if I didn’t do this.

There are days when I forget, or slip up and I feel the difference.

It’s like something is subtly thrown off kilter. Out of alignment.

When I don’t do it, the day feels like it’s missing that sense of aliveness and spark. It feels like I’m just going through the motions.

You know, following a template and just checking things off a list.

Boring as hell. No life. No juice.

Do you know what I mean?

Please tell me I’m not alone on this.

Battling yourself? Never smart

Another thing I notice… every time I forget or slip up, I notice that I’m my attitude about myself changes a lot. I’m not really 100% “on my side.”

My day ends up being filled with me battling myself. Nothing feels like it comes easy. It’s just resistance, all the way. And usually ending my day wondering where all the time went, beating myself up even more.

And that damn list is staring back at me, hardly anything checked off.

Luckily these days, I rarely forget this simple morning habit.

Right after I wake up, I do something very simple, your might think it wouldn’t even matter.

But, even if you decide not to join my morning ritual course, please start doing this.

Enough teasing, here it is:

(Don’t knock it until you try it.)

I take a full minute to feel the pleasure of being alive.

I mean, I won the lottery. I was born human. That alone is astounding.

Not only that, I’ve been given 24 brand new hours to use as I choose. Doing this completely changes the way I relate to life.

And I’ve realized that your frame of how you view life influences everything you do.

More on that in a minute.

First, I want you to…

Take this tiny action tomorrow

Stocksy_txpa082fdd5Cvs000_Small_761332Before you grab your phone, before you chug your coffee or whatever it is, take a minute to feel the pleasure of having 24 brand new hours.

Every day, after we’ve pressed the “reset” button with our sleep, we have the opportunity to choose to feel the pleasure of our existence.

Why is this profoundly simple action so powerful?

Here’s a secret I learned a few years ago:

I do my absolute best work when I’m positively relating to life.

Let’s take a look at the contrast…


If I feel as though I’m grateful to be alive, my actions and behaviors increase in excellence. I don’t have to force or push myself, I just naturally want to do better and make better choices.

When I see life as an opportunity for growth, play and expansion, everything is literally made easier.

Not the case with the second frame…


If I feel as though life is a burden and a chore, a series of problems to be solved, I feel a huge amount of resistance. Everything feels hard, like I have to push and struggle to get anything done. When I have this frame, I do not do my best work.

When I see life as a series of problems to be solved, I’m collapsing, uninspired, and easily burn out.

Clearly, your frame makes a huge difference.

And every morning if you take one measley minute to consciously set your frame, it can affect the entire rest of your day.

Do not close this tab without setting a reminder

Right now I want you to set a little reminder like this one for tomorrow morning.

It seems tiny, I know. But often the tiniest actions have the biggest difference.

Do me a favor and hit reply if you set the reminder, and let me know what kind of a difference it makes in your day.

If you do, I will personally follow up with you to see how it went.

If you’d rather just go all in

Maybe you’re like me and you aren’t the type of person to just make tiny changes. You want to dive in, fully, completely. No toe-dipping for you.

If you really want to get serious about changing your habits, my new course is now open for enrollment.

I made Morning Dominance to help you wake up productive and excited, so you can finally end each day proud of what you’ve achieved.

I’ll Help You Create the Most Important Habit to Do What You Love For a Living

If you’ve been struggling to get momentum with your freedom business, or any other goal, this is the most crucial habit you need to build.

When you join, I’ll be walking you through the process, and even personally holding you accountable to following through every day (scary, I know).

All the details are here:

Learn More About the Most Important Habit

Create this habit, you win forever

Whatever you decide, I hope you start waking up on purpose and implementing this tiny action every day.

Sounds a little crazy, but it could change your life.

Grateful to be alive, and in this tribe,


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