11 Ways to Find and Deepen Your Purpose in Any Moment

11 Ways to Find and Deepen Your Purpose in Any Moment

Do you want to have a presence that’s felt when you walk into a room?

How would it feel to do the right thing spontaneously in any moment that fills others with joy and relief?

Do you want to walk with purpose and direction, knowing exactly where you’re going and what you intend to do?

These are all things that I’ve craved. Perhaps craved is too light of a word. I’ve hungered from the bottom of my soul, and yearned like my heart and head was on fire, for the kind of depth and purpose that shakes the foundations with presence.

Like many I’ve felt these ecstatic hits of deep intention in short bursts at one time or another. But like quick hits of a drug, they fade and I’m left searching for a high that is sustainable — something that can permeate all my cells and seconds of each day.

Through much seeking, sitting, breathing, questioning and contemplating I’ve discovered truths, practices and mantras for getting back to purpose and depth.

What I’ve found is surprising…

In any moment, at any time you can come back to depth and purpose

But, there is a disclaimer (not for the faint of heart):

This is a lifelong practice. There are hours, days, weeks where I struggle and get pulled off course. This is inevitable. The more you practice, the harder it gets for you to be distracted. Proceed with a heavy dose of grit and devotion and you’ll find it easier to reset and get pack on the path.

With that said, that brings us to the first lesson.

1. Practice has an inverse relationship to distraction

The more you practice, the harder it gets for you to become distracted and thrown off.

So… treat your practice with seriousness, and don’t let the small shit drag you down.

2. Every moment is practice

Some quotes you hear and they stick with you forever. When I heard this one I couldn’t shake it off.

“The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” —Suzanne Evans

When you see not just sitting on your cushion or working on the mat as practice, everything changes.

Treat everything you do as your art, as if your life is your greatest masterpiece. (Click to share this, thank you.)

3. Anchor your moment-by-moment practice with a morning ritual

I used to think that practicing in every moment was superior and that I didn’t need a morning ritual.

I was wrong.

When I anchor my day with meditation and depth as the first thing I do, my whole day feels more intentional.

4. Ask, “What is my purpose in this moment?”

Your purpose is NOT static. The sooner you can accept this, the easier things will be for you.

Your purpose will change, from moment to moment, depending on where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with. In one moment your purpose might be to play basketball with a kid without a dad, and in the next it may be to write a chapter in your novel.

Your purpose is whatever is most needed and feels best to your heart in that moment.

5. Your purpose has a theme

While your purpose may change from moment to moment, you do have an overarching theme. This will be determined based on your unique gifts, your life experience and the way love moves you.

6. Others can help you locate your theme better than you can

You’re too close to your gifts to see them clearly. And the more disconnected you are from your heart, the harder it is for you to see it.

Therefore, it can be extremely valuable to get feedback from others. They can be a mirror for you to see your greatness and potential.

Think about what people often thank you for and when you’ve felt most alive.

7. Becoming who you are is your deepest purpose

The more you become who you most deeply are at your core, the more you live your purpose.

However, you will be more limited in expressing your purpose if you don’t have your basic needs met. The more you’re loved and taken care of — physically, emotionally, spiritually — the more you’re able to give your gifts with power.

You can give your gifts regardless, but it can be much easier when you’re not weighed down with constant financial and home security.

8. Doing what makes you come alive serves everyone

When you come alive and follow your heart, you inspire others to do the same. When you do what makes you filled with joy, you create joy wherever you go.

The most enlightened thing you can do is what lights you up. (Click to share this, thank you.)

9. Your body can limit or expand your purpose

The way you stand and sit can transmit either peace or depression. Your purpose is lived through your body. The more you embody your purpose and are aware of your posture and movement, the more you can influence others.

The more you breathe deeply, the more you can become inspired with energy to give your purpose.

The healthier you are, the more energy you have to create, share and affect the world.

10. The way your purpose moves you will change with the seasons of your life

For some period of time, you may be called to serve in a certain capacity, perhaps through dancing and creating art. Then that calling may decline and you may be drawn to restoring vintage cars or protecting local wildlife.

Your gifts remain at the core of who you are, but the expression of your gifts may change over time.

Your work is to experiment, test and play until you find the expression that is most resonant with the core of who you are and the season of your life.

11. Paying attention to recurrent desires increases your attunement

Do you desire to feel alive, radiant, divinely feminine or filled with ease? The way you are drawn to feel most deeply and most often is a helpful indicator of where your purpose lies.

The more you align yourself with your desires and how you want to feel, the more attuned you become to your purpose.

You will also more easily be able to detect and shift course when things feel off, before you say yes to a job, gig or partner that won’t serve your highest good.

Your desires will lead you to where you want to go if you have the courage to trust them. (Click to share this, thank you.)

About being comfortable with uncertainty

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is the importance of becoming comfortable with uncertainty.

In fact, I’m living this lesson right now.

In the next week I’m going to share with you the next evolution of my purpose.

I don’t have all the details. I don’t have the perfect elevator pitch or mission statement. I’m slightly terrified that it will fail or that I’ll just confuse the hell out of people.

But, I’m choosing to show up and share anyway, imperfection and all.

So… what exactly is it?

It will be housed at JonathanMead.com, first of all. Because, I’ll always be me.

It will be about the art of developing your body, mind, heart and spirit to uncover and live your purpose. Why? So you can deepen your capacity to impact the world, and live on your own fucking terms.

The truth is that this is what I’ve always been passionate about. I just didn’t have the courage to accept it until now.

I hope that you’ve gotten something out of this article. It’s a taste of what you can expect with my new work.

One last thing: I need your help…

Would you mind leaving a comment and letting me know if any of this resonates with you?

I could really use your support and encouragement with stepping into these new shoes. And if you have any stories or wisdom to share about embodying your purpose, I’d love to hear about it.

PS: I’ll be launching June 2nd, 2014, on the five year anniversary of when I quit my job to follow my heart full time. This couldn’t possibly feel more right.

I’ll also be offering the best deal ever on getting all my courses and products in a big bundle of freedom-accelerating love. You won’t want to miss it. Stay tuned.

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This morning when going through my Facebook timeline I came across a quote… “Decide what it is you want. Write that shit down. Make a fucking plan. And… work on it every. single. day!” I stared at this quote going… “decide…, that’s it?” So many choices … how do I know if I chose the right one. What you mentioned in a few of the points above is that the purpose or the thing to decide on can shift from time to time… but the thing that stood out is the health issue… MY HEALTH SUCKS… and not because I… Read more »
Fuzzy Jammies

“So you can deepen your capacity to impact the world ”
THIS…this is what I’ve been struggling to uncover. I’m holding my breath in anticipation of what you’re about to unveil. Seriously powerful. Thanks for letting us go with you.


7. BECOMING WHO YOU ARE IS YOUR DEEPEST PURPOSE. this one is what I’m working on most lately. I’m about to explode into my true self that I’ve been hiding my whole life and it’s scary as heck but exciting too. Uncertainty is definitely something I’ll be getting used to along the way. Thanks for the inspiration Jonathon. Looking forward to reading more of your wisdom.

Red Writer
Jonathan– your message was very timely. I recently was “let go” from a job that I thoroughly enjoyed for fourteen years. While I enjoyed making a difference in the lives of my clients, my supervisor and I clashed on a regular basis, and I probably should have moved on some time ago. Now I am walking through my feelings and looking for my next steps, and recognizing –never too late, I suppose–that I was in the losing end of the process from the start, although I stubbornly hung on until the bitter end. I look forward to gaining the courage… Read more »

Jonathan, this article is from your heart, and it vibrates of authenticity, of spiritual insight, and of truth. And it totally resonates with me, a pre-millenial boomer ! Keep on this trail and keep blazing it for the rest of us to follow. I’ve been discovering some of the same things, so I totally believe that the Source and the Force wants us to follow these paths as a Tribe. I am with you. Ernie

This article is exactly what I needed today. I have been on a journey to become more in tune with my purpose, and view every moment as a time for putting into practice how I truly feel inside. Growing out of our conditioning is a difficult task, but the reward is absolutely worth it. I’ve been going back and forth over the past two years, having bursts of a new self come forward with purpose, and falling back into my old self. Distractions are everywhere! But I finally got a web address this year, and have been procrastinating around getting… Read more »
I like the post Jonathon. All of the points are relevant although not necessarily at the same time or in regard to each persons situation. For me personally, I’m 47 and in the midst of trying to redefine my “passion” and rediscover my purpose after having done basically the same thing for 20 years; so 10 and 11 resonate with me currently. I must say I’ve found this process to be exciting at times and extremely challenging, frustrating and time consuming as well. One thing I found helpful, was to do (get started on) the one thing that has been… Read more »

I know that I am on a journey finding myself. I can agree that it is important to observe as many moments you can, as yourself. I believe in this process there are a lot more discoveries that one can make of themselves and their journey.


Reading this post feels like a beautiful exhale. And makes so much sense. It takes courage to not only continually realign with your purpose, but also to decide to move into it even when you don’t know what will happen. Thank you for always leading by example and being such an inspiration. Your dedication to exploring purpose and what it means to be human in this crazy world is amazing. Thanks for being you.


Reading this made me feel better. I have a range of interests and tying them down to create a business has frozen me into inactivity. Finding a focus is difficult. It’s heartening see that even “the experts” feel the waiver of change and uncertainty. Very inspiring Jonathon. Thank you.


This post was exactly what I needed. As someone that has had some big life changes this year, is burned out at a corporate job, and is thirsting for something bigger; I thank you. Being overwhelmed with possibilities is no reason to be scared into not making a decision. It just takes listening to you heart and desires and having the courage to follow them.

You are an inspiration. Keep doing what your doing. I hope to be there one day too.


Excellent article.Really looking forward to the next pahse. Not a regular reader here but saw the email come through and got pulled in.

The quote about the way you do anything..wow.


So far, Jonathan, this is my favorite of your posts (since I heard about PTE in April). It really does show a wisdom–that we aren’t just about one thing, all the time. To me that is so important to recognize and what so many writers in this vein miss. I’m one of those who have never been single-minded, and we are misfits in this “you must choose one thing, and one thing only” world (which only exacerbates the “you are what you do…so you’d better BECOME the right thing!” issue). I see other posters have also sensed this valuable point.


I don’t know why but it just felt right. Reading this post qualifies as the best thing I have done in the day. I am printing it for future reference. :)


Ever single thing you wrote today resonates with me. It seems we are evolving in parallel sequences. Every time you write, I think it is closer and closer to what I am thinking/feeling/doing, and needing to hear to keep it all going.

Follow your path. I sure as fuck am, and I won’t stop. Live it out!!

Lori Stalter

Congrats on your five year anniversary, Jonathan! I’m looking forward to the fork in the trail you’re taking. This article rocked!

Frank Welzig

Your article resonated deeply with me because I share your passion for helping people find their purpose and develop it to a level that feeds them and nourishes every part of them. One day recently I was out walking and I heard a voice in my head say, “You know what you want to do. You just haven’t accepted it yet.” It came out of the blue but I knew it was totally true.
Great article Jonathan and I too look forward to seeing what you have planned.


Thank you for your inspiration!! Please keep up the goodness!!

Hey Jonathan, I know what you are talking about. I want to help people to connect with their heart , to find out who they are and then helping them creating who they want to be. It breaks my heart to see people sad and depressed just because they don’t know how to deal with themselves. I see people argue with each other or a mother shouting at her child. I just wish people could understand…that they can decide. I want to wake them up. I want to show them that they can live the life they are dreaming of.… Read more »

Extremely encouraging, powerful stuff. Thanks Jonathon.


Thank you! This message was very timely for me! I feel like I let my body hold me back.
9. Your body can limit or expand your purpose really resonated with me. I need to breathe more deeply and make my health my burning purpose.

The Wallet Doctor

I think its really valuable to understand that each moment is an opportunity. Here you have described it as an opportunity to practice. That idea combined with the fact that your purpose in each moment changes, but maintains a theme, is really powerful. We often neglect to realize the power of how we spend our moments. We end up perplexed by time flying and our lack of progress. But when you start to become aware of each moment and how you are utilizing in, you will save yourself from the dismay of lost time.


Dang. This is just what I needed to read today Jonathan. Love your perspective that purpose should be flexible moment by moment – and that the expression of our gifts can change with the seasons. That’s so freeing.

Really excited for your new site. It’s great to see you step into the next phase of life as your purpose evolves. That gives me courage to do the same.

Thx for putting into words what I know in my heart. I get the theme idea for purpose. I’ve been struggling with this desire to change my physical appearance by becoming more fit. Fact is I don’t want to become consumed by the pursuit of some physical ideal, nor do I want to allow myself to be defined by attention I would garner from it. Been there done that. I need my time to focus on my art. But maybe just maybe I can carve out a happy medium and added benefit of more energy will help me stay the… Read more »

I love how you took the pressure off of so many things! Great work! Thank you!


I think the opening of this article is as important as anything else (which is the way good writing should be). Practice is generally misinterpreted. You can practice 12 hours a day for seven days a week, but if it’s not focused and intentional about improving on specific things then it will get you nowhere. It’s nice to be reminded of that every now and then. Thanks for all you do and the great reminder.

Sandra Pawula
I completely resonate with almost everything you said in this post. I’ve never thought about it this way exactly, but it’s so true that our purpose or its expression can change in every moment. I’ve seen the way great spiritual masters are tuned into what’s relevant and appropriate in the moment. And, you are so right that it all comes down to a lifelong dedication to practice. I’m not sure about this thought: “The most enlightened thing you can do is what lights you up.” Some would say is that the most enlightened thing you can do is to think… Read more »

When you come alive and follow your heart, you inspire others to do the same. When you do what makes you filled with joy, you create joy wherever you go.
First of all….I. Love. THAT. :)

But yes! You speak exactly what I’ve recently discovered myself –>> being comfortable with uncertainty. So many ppl are afraid of this, and I absolutely understand. But until we let go of that fear, life becomes all that more amazing. And the things that used to stress us about that darn ‘future’, no longer bring us stress <3 Best feeling!

Ryan Biddulph

I love #8 Jonathan! Do what makes you come alive to benefit all. Thanks!

Danielle Louise Ross

YES! I so resonated with this (and I LOVE your passionate writing style). So many good tips, and I’ve found too that the morning ritual is a MUST! Every so often I feel resistance to doing it, but I always feel waaaay better afterward. Thank you for the blog and for being courageous with the unknown. Inspiring!

Btw, I love this!
“It will be about the art of developing your body, mind, heart and spirit to uncover and live your purpose. Why? So you can deepen your capacity to impact the world, and live on your own fucking terms.” Hell yeah!


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Hi, a very enlightening post. True indeed that “When you do what makes you filled with joy, you create joy wherever you go”. Thanks for sharing. great article.


Thank you so much for the article shared.This article is really helpful and it really helps to find the purpose of our life.I am a great fan of this kind of articles which motivates us.Last day I have gone through one article that is Leadlife blog by Sean Hughes and it was one of the best blogs on motivation

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