Faith is Finally Allowing It To Happen

Faith is Finally Allowing It To Happen


For the past three months, I have been allowing incredible new doors to open for me, as I work to build Cloud Coach and connect with people that I can share my expertise with. For me, allowing it to happen has made all the difference. I finally decided to follow my passion and ask for the help I needed to get my business off the ground.

Since I started to allow my business to take root, I’ve realized that the tools are out there to help you succeed and complete whatever it is you want to do. Most constraints that I saw were merely perceived, and not actual barriers.

In short, the biggest obstacle to my own success was me.

For you, this may mean allowing your business to grow. To go from an offline business that just gets by on word of mouth to a business with an online presence. An online presence that will put your business in position to engage with your customers.

It’s easy to say “I have faith in myself”, but harder to take action based on that faith. Since starting Cloud Coach, I’ve worked with a lot of small business owners and I’ve seen some patterns emerge. Here are some common examples of people who aren’t allowing their faith in themselves to shine through, and it’s preventing them from moving forward in their business.

“I want to quit but I don’t know how”

You know what you like and what you don’t, and working for someone else isn’t in the first category. You’ve been considering launching a business around something you’re passionate about, and are budding with ideas. That’s fantastic. But are you hesitating on taking action?

Allow it to happen:
-Take a look in the Armory and use the Limit Erasing Technique to blow through your negative barriers.
-Learn how to hang up your shingle and take the first step towards doing so, today.

“I have a business but don’t have a website”

Symptoms: You’ve been hesitating on building a website because you cant afford to pay a web designer, and you don’t think you have the skills to maintain it. Worse, there are one thousand and one free website tools but you’re not sure which one works. How will you ever have time to maintain it when you already have clients for your business?

Allow it to happen:
-Choose one of these recommended DIY website platforms. There’s one that will match your skill level even if you don’t know where to start.
-Pick a template that resonates with you and start adding content.
-Most importantly, hit publish and get yourself out there. You can continue to make improvements once the site is launched.

Your customers will thank you for creating a space online where they can find your contact info, services, prices, etc. Plus, they will have something they can share with their friends.

“I have a website but no business”

Symptoms: So, you have a website and you’re updating it with great content. Everything looks just so, but there’s one problem. No business. Why haven’t your customers found you on the web?

Allow it to happen:
-You know that a website is just a starting point, and that you need to use other channels to promote it. The single most powerful channel is email.
-Start to build a profitable and responsive email list of customers that return to your website.

We are bombarded with generic self-help tools that tell us to think positively about the outcomes we want. This is so much easier said than done, and when you’re in the throws of a big challenge, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Remembering the little saying that “faith is finally allowing it to happen” takes the onus off of you. It acknowledges that even though you may be thinking negatively, you are allowing the future you desire to take root. When your negativity rears its ugly head, remind it that you are finally allowing it to happen.


I want you to imagine the not-so-distant future… Say 3 months from now, when you have finally allowed it to happen. You have an email list of hungry customers who are eager to buy. You’ve given your old clients a reason to talk about you and you’re seeing fresh new faces walk through the door.

And you made it all possible by having a little faith.

What dreams are you allowing to happen? What are some barriers that you thought existed that really were just in your mind? Share your story in the comments.


About the Author: Ethan Waldman helps offline business owners create an online presence to get more customers. Right now, many people are using his free 4-day course, Pre-Sold & Hooked, to build a profitable and responsive email list for their businesses.

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