Eight World Changers to Watch Out for in 2015

Our tribe never ceases to amaze me.

It’s made up of incredibly talented, defiant souls that refuse to accept the satus quo. Each one of the individuals highlighted below has shown a commitment to forging their own path to live and work on their own terms.

I’m proud of what each and every one of them has accomplished.

These are eight trailblazers to watch out for in 2015. Their stars are on the rise.

martynMartyn Bromley

Martyn has leveraged the power of the PTE Immersion group to build his website consultancy and training platform Herosite.co, which helps other entrepreneurs easily build a website that converts.

Development has been lightning fast and I’ve worked closely with the PTE Immersion group to develop my business model. After six weeks, I’ve already launched my first training course ‘Zero to Hero – Membership sites made easy’  which is now open to entrepreneurs who want to easily develop a recurring business model that converts.

lisaLisa Stiefel

Lisa is using the support given in the PTE Immersion to develop her two passion business projects: English language instruction and other language services and multi-/intercultural services.

My journey has been one of taking one step after another towards greater clarity of my goals, what services I provide, and towards gaining a stronger sense of confidence in what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. And that in the company of lovely, warm-hearted and interesting people.

steveSteve Lalor

Faced with the prospect of an early knee replacement, Steve decided it was time to do something about his weight and health, and the health of his family; and write about it on his blog at Father Grows Less.  From attempting to inspire his daughter he is now trying to inspire his ever growing tribe to challenge what we’ve been taught about healthy eating whilst living it himself.

I’m now starting to tap into a network of successful like minded individuals that are happy to support me and share my information with their network. this has now started to flow through to my facebook page likes and email list subscribers. I’m slowly but surely building my network and list in preparation for the launch of my first product – can’t wait.

mishaMisha Shipman

Misha has directed more attention and energy to developing, creating and ultimately sharing her passion for visual art with the world.  She is preparing to launch her creative business selling her artwork and working as a performing musician.

Being a member of this tribe, made of extraordinary, passionately loving, conscientious and tenacious individuals, from a diverse pallet of colorful paths, has re-ignited the expectations I hold for myself and underscored, that this journey, and my success with manifesting my deepest desires is much bigger than me.

traceeTracee Vetting Wolf

Since joining the PTE Immersion, Tracee has started the process of building a tiny home retreat in upstate New York and has launched her first course on building the creative habit. She’s earned her paying clients doing what she loves and I have a feeling big things are in store for her this year. You can find her work at TraceeVettingWolf.com

Through the Immersion I have not only come up with a business and implemented the foundation of it, but within four months I have started earning money. One of the essential factors in being able to do this has been the network of peers I have gained who have supported me through the process; I have a team of like-minded people who help me keep momentum going. I strongly suspect that what I’ve experienced from the Immersion program is just the tip of the iceberg. Jonathan’s materials and experience will continue to guide me and my peers will be the touchstone I need to flourish moving forward. 


Carol BrenneisenCarol Brenneisen

When Carol started the PTE immersion, she was struggling with overwhelm and fatigue, working too many hours and not making enough time for play in her life. Since then, she’s rekindled her passion and is building her project Start From Now, which helps people live a more minimalistic, joy-filled life.

As a result of the Immersion program, I have realized there are things I need more than to be paid to exist. I have dramatically changed my job and made connections and friendships that have become so important to me. I’ve backed off of an online business, but only for now. I’m really grateful to be exploring who I am and what I want.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 7.32.50 AMLyza Fontana

Lyza is a force to be reckoned with. At the first of the year she signed up her first paid creative coaching client, and is working on building her coaching business while working at her job. The catalyst? Getting to good enough, and finally pushing the “launch” button.

What I’m getting the most out of the Immersion program is feedback, collaboration and encouragement. As an introvert, I tend to work alone a lot, so having others to bounce ideas off of and gain new perspectives is very useful to my process. Before I came to the Immersion, my social circle didn’t relate to the challenges of starting a business, it was a lonely process – there was nobody to share the wins or the struggles with, nobody to brainstorm with.

I also really value Jonathan’s expertise and experience from already having walked the path – his insights and prompts have helped me move forward when I might otherwise get stuck. Through the duration of the course, I reached two of my top goals: I launched my website, and I got my first paid client! 


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So proud of all these awesome members of the PTE tribe. They are going to crush it this year.

Lisa Stiefel

Thanks so much for the very kind mention, Jonathan! It’s really exciting to be here. This gang has been giving me just so much friendly support, and is really a business incubator in the truest sense. I’m looking forward to connecting with more interesting and amazing people, and would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in learning more about the business I’m building. :)

Tracee Vetting Wolf

I can say from first hand experience that these people have strong hearts. I am hugely fortunate to call them my peers! A lot has happened since last August – I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next six months!!

Misha Shipman
Misha Shipman

Jonathan, you’ve been a fearless, passionately loving, example of what being a spectacular human being, can be. I’ve had the opportunity to grow with 14, exceptionally passionate, tenacious and brilliant entrepreneurs from around the world…if you’re like I used to be; •Someone who thought making extraordinary changes could happen in isolation •Someone who faintly know’s the people they’re surrounded by don’t have the mind set or interest in being a small business owner, but you don’t yet know where to get that emotional/psychological support •Being a small business owner is a recurring, deep seated dream you’ve had…that just seems seasoned… Read more »

Carol Brenneisen

Thank you so much Jonathan! I’m so grateful to be part of this community. All of the Immersion members, and especially my mastermind group, have been such supportive companions on this journey. And I credit you with helping me discover what I needed most – play – and helping to set me on my way to discover what freedom really is for me.

Steve Lalor

Thanks Jonathan
Looking forward to utilising the tools and skills obtained during the immersion to great effect for years to come.
Your consistent support and understanding have been invaluable.

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