When To Ditch A Good Business Idea

When To Ditch A Good Business Idea

Ideas are like buses:

You wait ages for one and then two come at once.

It happened to me the other week:

In the space of three days I came up with two really good business ideas.

I toyed with them for a couple of days, figuring out the details, creating mini business plans in my head.

But at the same time knowing they would never go beyond the planning stage…

For example, both would require for me to stay put in one place for the next few years, which would mean dropping some of my most important life goals.

Plus the industry wasn’t really my cup of tea anyway.

Could Your Great Business Idea Actually Be Really Wrong?

So yeah, these were ideas with a big of potential, and they could definitely work for someone else.

But not for me right now – they’re just not compatible at all with my long-term vision of a happy life.

Here’s the thing:

No matter how cool, exciting or potentially profitable your idea is, you should never forget to ask yourself this crucial question:

Do you want to do it because it looks like a good idea?

Or because it really feels like one?

Is it in line with your values, interests and long-term vision of your future?

Will it really give you that freedom and happiness you crave… and not only for the first few months, but for the years to come?

Let’s be clear – I’m not talking about having all the answers figured out from the start.

I’m talking about investing a tiny bit of your time doing some soul-searching, and making sure that you’re heading in the right direction.

Because it’s not fun to realize half way through the journey that you went the completely wrong way.

Trust me, I’ve been there – it sucks.

So before you embark on your entrepreneur journey, take the time to reflect on your dreams and goals. And use them as the foundation for your business.

This is precisely what our Freedom Compass workbook will help you achieve.

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