The Courage to Follow Your Dreams

Sometimes it can be a bit scary following your dreams. You’re not sure where the path will take you, or if you’ll fail. Or maybe you’re not sure if you’ll end up liking the passion you pursue later on.

You’ll probably also have to deal with people around you that aren’t very supportive. And you have to find a way to support yourself financially while you follow your passion.

All of this stuff can feel a bit overwhelming.

Last week I asked people if they would be interested in a teleclass / hangout session / Q&A call on this topic. I was a bit surprised by the amount of people that responded. It seems like a lot of people struggle to find the courage to follow their dreams.

So, I’d like to invite you to come hang out with me this Wednesday, so we can figure out a way to make this not a problem anymore. Sure, you still might be apprehensive about following your dreams after this call, but at least you’ll have the inspiration to take action anyway.

Teleclass details:

What: A free teleclass on How to Find the Courage to Follow Your Dreams
Wednesday, July 21st at 4pm PT, 7pmET
How long: About an hour.
Who: Myself and you
Why: So you can stop letting fear keep you from following your dreams

The first part of the call I’ll talk about some ways you can overcome this fear, and start living from a more empowered place. The second part of the call we’ll spend answering questions. You’ll be able to ask me anything about:

  • How to follow your passion even when you think it’s not practical
  • Dealing with critics and people that aren’t supportive of your dreams
  • Creating the environment that makes achieving your dreams easier
  • How to find the time to work toward your dreams
  • What it takes to make a living from your passion
  • And whatever else you want to ask me!

Sound good? Oh and even if you can’t make the call, sign up below and we’ll make sure to send you the recording.

Sign up for the free teleclass:

Look forward to seeing and hanging out with you on the call. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

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