The Critical Part Where I Need Your Help (spoiler included)

Note: I was blown away by the response to this post earlier this week. I guess it’s really worth it to put yourself out there. This is a follow-up to that post.

I know I left us at a bit of a cliffhanger in the previous post. Hopefully it hasn’t been keeping you up at night. (And if it has, sorry about that. I owe you some warm milk.)

When we last left off we were discussing vulnerability and the possibility of me doing something that could be really big and significant.

Of all the things that I’ve taken on with Illuminated Mind, I’ve never approached doing something at this level before. And I’ve done quite a bit…

  • … I’ve coached people to help them quit their jobs.
  • … I’ve created a library of resources to help people work on their own terms.
  • … I’ve written and sold a popular ebook.
  • … I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on places like Business Insider, Zen Habits, and Lifehacker.
  • … I’ve run five live courses on finding your passion and making an income from it.
  • … And I’ve been blessed to be able to be a leader in this space and help a lot of people.

All of this has been awesome. And I’ve received a lot. The people that I have the pleasure to interact with have changed my life in a lot of ways.

But there’s one thing that people have been asking me for for a long time.

For whatever reason, I’ve resisted. I thought it would be too difficult. I didn’t think I’d have enough time. I thought that I needed more preparation. And I’m realizing now that these were limiting beliefs and excuses.

Lifting back the curtain; revealing what I’ve been hinting at

I’m seriously considering creating what you’ve been asking for. Regardless of all the hesitations, worries, and how much work this will be, I’m contemplating creating a live event where you’ll meet up and conspire with other renegades and be able to borrow my brain.

It will be organized as a type of mastermind, but the reality is, it’s going to be much more than that.

And if I do create this, it will likely be the first mastermind in the lifestyle design space.

Because I always co-create everything I put out there, I will be working diligently, side-by-side with you to create this experience. But here’s the heart of what it will include:

  1. Three live mastermind meetings with myself and other world changers per year (two full days for each event). These will be intense, intimate, and incredibly transformative.
  2. I’m thinking it will involve 10-15 people. It will not be a conference type of an event.
  3. Hanging out with me in person and getting strategic advice from me on building the business that supports your freedom.
  4. A year-long alliance of other people doing what you want to do who are deeply invested in your success. This will be a tight-knit, exclusive community.
  5. Monthly, virtual group sessions.
  6. A few sessions with me one-on-one. (This is the only way you can get time with me. You couldn’t buy my time from me right now even if you wanted to, as I’m not taking new clients).
  7. And some other awesome things that I can’t share right now (I can’t give everything away too soon!).

The purpose will be to create a private alliance of trailblazers where the collective wisdom, experience and motivation of others propels you to new levels of success in work and in life.

You’ll also get an inside look at how I run my business and live on my own terms.

Getting vulnerable again (I need your help)

The idea of doing this scares the hell out of me and makes me feel a bit vulnerable. So again, I need your help on this one.

I really only want to do this if there is enough demand.

So, I’d really like to know:

  • Is this something you’d be interested in?
  • Should I really do this?
  • What do you think?

You are really the one in charge of this community. Your thoughts and encouragement are what inspires me.

If you have a second, I would really appreciate your input. Leave a comment as simple as “Yes, do it!” or “No, you’re insane!” and let me know what you think.


Your partner in living deliberately,


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