Change Is Approaching + A Guest Post For Sidesteppers

I’ve been working feverishly on some exciting changes that will be happening soon here. I can’t illuminate anything yet, but keep your eyes peeled (or exfoliated at least). In case you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting much lately, these changes have been consuming my time.

I’ll be rolling out the changes to my blog sometime next week. In the meantime head over to Pick The Brain and check out my guest post: Why Do We Avoid Doing What We Love?

On another note, I’ve been working hard to improve my writing. If you have any recommendations for good books or resources on writing non-fiction or effective idea trafficking, I’d love to hear your suggestions. You can email me at timeistooshort at gmail dot com. Even if you’d just like to chat, hit me up. I promise not to bite. =)

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