The Freedom “To Stop” List (kill these if you want to master your time)

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m not a big proponent of sacrifice, giving things up, or neglecting parts of yourself in order to achieve or reach a goal.

I’m all about joy and freedom now.

Sacrificing and putting things off creates an endless pursuit of delayed rewards and deferred life. It leads to what I call “Preparation Syndrome” — constantly preparing to live some day in the future.

The most common example of this in our culture is the act of sacrificing and working for years to attain a degree in a certain field, to get a so-called good job, to be able to afford the so-called good life.

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The #1 Purpose Mistake; and the Seductive Myth of Readiness

Not yet was his unspoken mantra — or so it seemed. He never would have admitted that, of course.

But to his friend, it felt like that was Lachlan’s slogan. It became a kind of running joke. He was always doing something to get ready.

Collecting books could have been a full time job for him. 20 or 30 books on any topic he was interested in lined the shelves in his living room.

He could tell you all the things you needed to do to start a business, though he had never actually done any of them.

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How to Develop Unwavering Focus (and reclaim your inner warrior)

Are you as focused and disciplined as you want to be?

When you think about doing something that truly matters to you, do you automatically see it as done, no question or second-guessing?

If you don’t, you have an underdeveloped or repressed inner warrior.

The level of focus you’re able to maintain is proportionate to how much you’ve developed the warrior side of you.

What do I mean by Inner Warrior?

I mean the part of you that says “No” and the part that says “I Will.” (Thank you Elliot for this great juxtaposition)

This is the part of you that is cold, ruthless, undeterred by sentiment and fleeting emotional currents.

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11 Ways to Find and Deepen Your Purpose in Any Moment

Do you want to have a presence that’s felt when you walk into a room?

How would it feel to do the right thing spontaneously in any moment that fills others with joy and relief?

Do you want to walk with purpose and direction, knowing exactly where you’re going and what you intend to do?

These are all things that I’ve craved. Perhaps craved is too light of a word. I’ve hungered from the bottom of my soul, and yearned like my heart and head was on fire, for the kind of depth and purpose that shakes the foundations with presence.

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I used to think that surrendering to something bigger than myself was a sign of weakness. I was raised as a Mormon and saw a lot of people in my church “putting their life in the hands of God,” yet they seemed complacent and lazy.

It felt as if they wanted God to do everything for them. They didn’t want to be collaborators with a Higher Source, they wanted to go limp like a doll, their lives being pulled along by puppet strings.

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