Personal Freedom

It All Began One Day at My “Good Job”

Despite the fluorescent lighting, cheerless gray cubicles and confining schedule, I had a good job.

Or so I was told.

The truth is that I actually enjoyed the work that I did. It was purposeful and felt good to do.

I was paid well, enough to live comfortably and buy the things I wanted. And most days, I didn’t get too annoyed with the coworkers I never had a say in choosing to work with.

I was managing an employee recognition program for the largest non-profit healthcare company in the world.

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Stop Waiting to Live: Radically Reclaim Your Aliveness Now

Each moment you’re not fully embracing, your life is wasted and your aliveness is denied.

There are two ways this happens most often.

You’re grasping for something that’s already passed:

  • A breath-taking view fuzzily reimagined through Facebook photos.
  • The afterglow buzz of last week’s lovemaking.
  • Adoration from the crowd as you rocked the stage last year.

Or, you’re waiting for something better in the future:

  • Training your body in the hopes that one day, you’ll be able to do the things you really want to do.
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How to Save 12 Months of Living Expenses to Fund Your Freedom

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Janelle Allen of The Grand Life.

When I was 22, I took a free entrepreneurship seminar offered at my university. Everything was going well until we started talking about money.

As we turned our eyes and ears to the forty-something instructor, he said something that I’ll never forget: “If you want to start a business and need money, just ask your parents.”

Yeah, sure. Asking my parents for money to start a business wasn’t an option.

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Free Guide: The Freedom Funding Kit

For better or worse, money holds most of us back from doing what we really want to do.

We inextricably tie money to our freedom. Security, above most things is ironically what makes us feel most safe to pursue our deepest desires.

So, have you strategically considered what it will take, in dollars and cents, to feel a sense of ease, calm and collectedness?

Have you mapped out how to replace your day job income doing something you would wake up excited to pursue?

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How to Get Paid to Explore the World

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Emilie Wapnick of Puttylike.

Last weekend I got paid to make art, take my dog to the farmer’s market, play the violin, brainstorm with my friends, cook a new Paleo meal, and open an investing account.

None of these activities generated income directly (well, except maybe the investing account), but they all added to my experience on this earth as a multipotentialite, which is the foundation of my business.

I’ve set up a system for myself whereby I must explore multiple fields and report back, or my business doesn’t run.

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