The Biggest Passion Myth That’s Keeping You From Your Great Work

This is a guest post by Pace Smith.

You want to get paid to exist. You want a zero-hour workweek. You want to blaze your own trail, follow your own path.

That’s awesome! You can do it. It’s possible.

And I want to make sure you’re not wearing blinders when you imagine what getting paid to exist might look like for you. I want to make sure you’re not letting your past limit your future. I want to make sure you’re not falling prey to a dangerous myth:

The Myth: My path will make use of the skills I’ve learned.

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My wife and I were sitting at the dinner table last night. We were eating leftovers of some amazing vegetable curry Ev’Yan had made the day before. And as we usually do, we were talking about what we were proud of that day.

Ev’Yan exclaimed excitedly, “I’m proud that despite not sleeping very well and not really feeling it, I showed up and wrote anyway. I didn’t feel like it, but I did it and didn’t overthink it.”

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As you know, we’ve spent this past month talking about passion. And today, we want to do something a little different.

We asked a few of our fellow Trailblazers to jam a little on finding their passion and how it has shaped their lives. We found their stories to be very inspirational and we thought we’d share them with you to pass down some encouragement.

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Want to know if your passion is a hobby or has the potential to be a fulltime gig? Use the test below to find out. Once you do, share your results in the comments below.


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How Do I Find My Passion? The Missing “Recovery” Method

The one true calling! Your life’s purpose! Your magnum opus!

No matter what you want to call it, it’s important. The only problem is that most people are confused about how to discover it.

In this guide, you’ll learn about a deceptively simple technique that will help you uncover your life’s deepest passion, once and for all.

Finding your passion doesn’t have to be difficult or scary

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