Off Beat

If the number one dream killer is “doing what works,” then the number one life-killer is preparing to live.

Think about it. We spend endless amounts of time in preparation for some future event.

We’re constantly trying to improve to have a better life. But the better life never comes. Why? Because there’s always more improving to do.

We mask endless improvement-seeking as a venture of growth. But all it really is is fake growth in a shrewd disguise. It’s not real growth.… Click to read more

How to Stay Hungry and See Your Goal Through to the End

It’s easy to set a big, awesome goal to work toward.

You might want to quit your job and start working for yourself. Maybe you want to travel the world, or just start waking up early on a daily basis (hey, getting out of bed can be pretty damn hard some days).

What’s not so easy is sticking to what you set out to do and continually recommitting yourself to your vision.

It’s especially challenging when there is a big, looming chasm between where you are now, and where you want to be.… Click to read more

How to Give Up a “Sure Thing” and End Up in Antarctica

Note from Jonathan: I’m excited to introduce to you this guest post from Mike Routen of Route to Freedom. Mike is someone to look up to when it comes to taking risks and living a life of adventure. I’m grateful to share his important message with you here.

Its funny how we can put on virtual blinders and not be aware of the many possibilities that life presents to us.
This state of mind almost kept me from one of the greatest experiences of my life, Antarctica!… Click to read more

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Fabian Kruse of The Friendly Anarchist

It’s weird how, when I’m asked about how I am able to travel the world while getting my work done on the road, I have to think of something as ordinary as apple trees.

You see, I like apple trees. Here in Austria (where I’m currently living for a couple of weeks), there are myriads of them, both commercial ones and the old, mossy trees in forests, parks and private gardens.… Click to read more

How to Have Unlimited Energy

Is it really possible to have unlimited energy? Probably not. But I bet that title got you curious.

I think everyone wants “unlimited” amounts of energy. We want to work at peak performance, stuck in the “on” position. We want to be wildly on fire with passion every minute of every day. And when we’re not, we often judge ourselves for not being on fire enough.

It can be easy to question what we’re doing. There must be something we should be doing that’s more exciting, right?… Click to read more