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Passion + Profit Workbook

Now available freely to the world, a 3,000+ word guide to finding the intersection between:

  1. What you love to do… and
  2. What the world deeply needs

This workbook is designed to help you gain as much confidence as possible in your idea, before you start out on the journey to making it happen.

Here’s what’s inside:

  1. The world’s most important equation (it involves you).
  2. Limit breaking. Advice on overcoming your fears about following your passion, and trading your gifts for money.
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It’s all very well to have a website that generates traffic. But unless you can convert that traffic into buyers, it’s like having a money bag with a hole in it. No matter how much gold you pour in, it just keeps slipping out the bottom.

Chances are that your website or blog could be making more money than it is. A lot more.

There are a lot of ways you can start making more money: affiliates, traffic, etc. But if your website isn’t built intelligently to get people to click “buy” then you’re letting money slip through your fingers every day.

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No one ever lies in bed at night thinking “Damn, I just wish I could have done less important stuff today.”

Everyone wants to do more of the things that matter, and less of the stuff that doesn’t.

The problem is that it’s often hard to know what matters most. Our attention is usually pulled in a million different directions, and without a clear path before us, we leave it up to chance where our energy will be spent.

And even when we do know what matters, without approaching it with the right framework, it can be difficult to achieve any meaningful momentum on it.

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January 13th marked the one year birthday of my first ebook. In that time, a lot has happened. It has sold over 650 copies and has made up a good portion of my income for 2009.

In December last year I also finally released the long-awaited worksheets that accompany Reclaim Your Dreams. The response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

Largely in part to my free blogger review campaign, Reclaim Your Dreams has received a lot of reviews. I haven’t yet shared them (I have no idea why), so with this one year anniversary I thought I’d take the opportunity to do that.

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Website design is typically a pain in the ass. Big unintentional gaps, alignment that you can’t control, and boxes with a mind of their own. (Don’t even get me started on Internet Explorer 6.)

So when I found Headway I was pretty blown away. For the first time, designing your site in WordPress could be controlled within an easy to use interface, without changing any code. You could actually rearrange everything within a drag-and-drop interface. Every element, every section of your site, could be reorganized without touching code.

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