The Power of Total Immersion

I’ve never been one to simply test the waters.

I jump in, head first into any endeavor that I have a deep interest in.

In a lot of ways, I think this has been the secret to me leveling up my skills and achieving goals faster than most.

I don’t waste a lot of time “feeling things out” or “exploring my options.” When I find something I like, I review the best possible options and pick one. I know that I can always adjust course later.… Click to read more

The Five Steps For Getting Yourself in the Great Work Flow

What if you could spend the majority of your working time connected to your heart, in the zone, doing the work you know really matters?

What if this could be the default space that you create from?

I think it can. Over the last several years I’ve been experimenting and testing different techniques for getting into this heart-centered, community-reaching, deep-creativity space.

I’ve been avidly pursuing it mostly because for so long I’ve not been in that state as consistently as I’d like.… Click to read more

Quit Your Job Without Quitting (To See If It’s What You Really Want)

A note from Jonathan: Every day I get emails from people asking if they should quit their job right now to do what they “really want to do,” or if they should wait and follow a plan.

In nearly every case, my answer is “Yes, you should absolutely have a plan. Why would you want to come crawling back to your employer because you didn’t think things through?”

That’s why I love this essay from Ben. His story and what he’s learned will help you to be able to “quit without quitting” to see if it’s even something you want, before you take the plunge.… Click to read more

When Jonathan and I work on projects we have always put an emphasis on providing value to our audience and having a great time while doing it.

About a year ago an email showed up in our inbox called “The Rules of the Game of Business”. The idea behind the email was that business is a game. We loved the idea because it made taking risks and building things an adventure. Not a struggle.

At World Domination Summit this summer we wanted a digital gift to give away to promote  Playbook, a platform that teaches entrepreneurs real-world business skills through action based missions.… Click to read more

How to Negotiate Asking to Work From Home (While Working Less and Getting Paid More)

Note: This article has proven highly useful to our audience in preparing to quit their job. If this article is relevant to you we highly recommend you also sign-up for our free webinar on launching a successful passion based business. It’s later this month and it’s free.Click here to sign up.

If you work for a company where systems and processes — filling out forms, creating reports and attending meetings — seem more important than actually doing the work, you likely wouldn’t believe you could negotiate an alternative work arrangement with your employer.… Click to read more