Intro from Jonathan:

There are few people out there that are blatantly honest about online marketing and the tactics that are regularly employed.

Ryan Holiday illuminated “the game” that is played with gaining media attention in his popular book Trust Me, I’m Lying.

Now, it’s time to reveal the underbelly of how the biggest online marketing events and launches are carefully engineered. They do not happen on accident or by stroke of luck, after all.

They’re carefully plotted, orchestrated and puppeteered.… Click to read more

What’s Wrong With Online Marketing (And Why We Must Take a Stand)

It’s time someone came out and said what everyone is already thinking.

Something is really wrong with the way business education and marketing works online.

You know the drill…

  • Viewing people as ATMs, not living beings with dreams, hopes, desires and problems.
  • Lots of hype (not so much service).
  • Heavy marketing, disappointing delivery.

The list goes on. And unfortunately, this is the norm.

If you’ve spent any amount of time perusing the business info product world, these qualities are unfortunately all too familiar.… Click to read more

My coach and friend Mike Hrostoski and I just launched a new show about the Raw Truth About Entrepreneurship.

It’s imperfect, it’s messy. We say “like” and “um” a lot. Our backgrounds don’t match, at all.

Our first episode both of our guests didn’t show up. Oops. (Luckily Brandee jumped in and helped us out!)

Despite the flaws, we went forward with it anyway.

This will be a weekly show every Wednesday at 12pm Pacific. You can bookmark this link to catch it.… Click to read more

What’s the biggest risk of every beginning entrepreneur? Not consistently focusing on only the few key activities that grow your business.

I’m not talking about things that “build your brand” or “increase awareness.” I’m talking about the nitty gritty daily tasks that generate growth, subscribers and sales.

So the big risk is not having a daily practice or habit that compels you to do the hard work of growing your business.

In this video, I share with you my personal practice that helps me stay focused and create predictable streams of income in my business:

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How to Harness the Power of Undeterrable Commitment

What’s the greatest predictor of success among aspiring entrepreneurs?

That’s easy: Unwavering, undeterrable commitment.

At the heart of every great achievement, movement or masterpiece this world has seen is a spirit of uncompromising devotion.

Over and over you see this. People that are willing to do whatever it take. No Plan B, no room for compromise.

Are you hungry for the power and peace that comes from this level of commitment?

If you are, read on. I’m going to tell you how to get there, and how to slay the three dragons that stand to deter you from your quest.… Click to read more