Can You Be That Weird?

Can You Be That Weird?


We live in a weird world.

A lot of people and brands pretend they’re “anti”, “alternative” or just different.

Check the French presidential election for instance:  most candidates describe themselves as “anti-system”, even though they’ve been around for years. Nice contradiction, right?

Seems to me “anti” is the new name for bland.

Instead of being “anti” for the sake of it, why not just be yourself. This is quite unusual. And thrilling.

You are so different from the rest of the bland crowd out there.

So take your quirks, and build a beautiful shiny business with them.

Be genuine.

Don’t be afraid to truly think differently.

There are no rules.

Here is a bunch of weird business ideas to inspire you.

You see? No rules.

Let your true inner self come out. And make a living from it.

Become Yourself Again

You are so worth it.

Rock on,


P.S. Let’s have fun with this: post a comment below with your favourite(s) weird business idea(s).

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“just be yourself” – who else can one be, but yourself? Even if one tries to be someone else, that’s just you trying to be someone else, which is still you yourself.

I know what you mean, but I found it quite funny reading that in the same context of talking about contradictions. I thing the phrase “Be yourself” is one of the most overused, illogical and contradictious things to say.

Keep up the good work!


The best part about you is that you are the only version of you on the planet. Think about that for a second. Out of 7 Billion (illion with a ‘B’) you are simply unique. Not one single person has your genetic makeup, so why does the world try to tell us that we all need to be drones of the system? It is as if society lines us up to be the eventual robots that everybody thinks will replace humans. The robots aren’t coming, they are here. Utilize your strengths to benefit yourself and mankind. If you think you… Read more »

Brian Robben

The dude who created the company that shipped glitter to people’s enemies is my all-time favorite weird business idea. It’s half-brilliant, half-crazy, and he got a nice piece of coin when he sold it!

Here’s an article about it from The Guardian:

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